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How many Red Rings of Death?
Brisbane, Queensland
4412 posts
So how many have you had?

I just had my 3rd playing Guitar Hero 5 :(

I remember my first one...playing Guitar Hero 2 :/
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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
1114 posts
1, playing GH3 :)

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Brisbane, Queensland
8341 posts
none because i dont have a s***** 360
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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
1115 posts
Also question, If you RROD with a first edition xbox360, to they replace it with a newer one with the HDMI port & the part that (supposedly) doesn't warp over time?
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Brisbane, Queensland
14098 posts

xbox got replaced
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Brisbane, Queensland
4413 posts
well the first two times I sent one they sent back the same console repaired, this was an early model premium.

This latest is actually a newer arcade I got with a mobile phone plan, the premium is still working though...for now
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Brisbane, Queensland
1390 posts
Twice so far.

Apparently on the 3rd time they replace it with the HMDI version.

I thought i had it for a 3rd time a month ago but it was the 4 rings of death meaning it was just the power supply playing up :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
8343 posts
what causes the rrod?
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Brisbane, Queensland
8345 posts
ahh so thats why it occurs so frequently

edit: damn you wet deleting your post

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Brisbane, Queensland
14645 posts
None, but I've used my 360 probably a total of 10-20 hours? since I bought it a couple of years ago. I try to play it but then I hear the siren song of my PC calling me, luring me in to the depths of the abyss.
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
16822 posts

Had mine for over a year now and it's running fine. Although I only use it for guitar hero and that's hardly ever. Expensive paper weight.
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Brisbane, Queensland
8886 posts
My old one gets it now but I have a new one so I don't care. Plus we managed to work out what was wrong with the old one and now it works again, amusing.
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Melbourne, Victoria
13610 posts
Mine did it a few weeks ago, but I've had it for about 3 years and used it a s***load over that time, so I'm suprised it didn't happen sooner. Wrapped it in some towels and let it run for 20 minutes and that "fixed" it, but I'd assume its only a matter of time before it happens again.
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Brisbane, Queensland
9915 posts
I was just reading about this not more then 2 mins ago.

Apparently the main reason that the 360 RROD's is this crappy X-Clamp they use to bolt the heats sinks onto the CPU/GPU. The way they spread their force causes the motherboard to flex up. Given time and a bit of heat the solder points around the GPU or CPU start to melt and the warping causes the connection to break.

The Towel trick helps by melting the solder points back and hopefully make a connection. The warping of the Mobo still exists though.

Extensive X-Clamp Fix is an excellent explanation and fix for the root causes of RROD. Check it out.

There are easier fixes, but this is the most comprehensive.

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Brisbane, Queensland
5724 posts
One, wasn't playing anything, just turned it on :(

Unit is now about 12 months old now but was only 2 months old when it happened.

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Brisbane, Queensland
8006 posts

Just happened on the weekend.

360 is only 14 months old too and one of the 'new' supposedly 'rrod-free' models (hdmi whatever).

Sent it for repair on Monday...
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Brisbane, Queensland
682 posts
I'm on my third xbox. They have replaced the first two. My first one went RROD after the first 5days, so I replaced it in store. Second one took 6 months and had the replacement for it about 18months now. The units with the older manufacture date are the problem. Still given that you can get an arcade now for under $300 its not such a big deal to replace the whole thing.
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17 posts
well well..

i had one on my original xbox 360 then thought i would spend a little extra on the elite and it has been sweet ever since. Regank also has the elite and again no issues!

Xbox 360 Elite FTW.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4128 posts
Once. Mine's an old model premium, and they just repaired it, they didn't replace mine. I wanted a HDMI 360. :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
4796 posts
1 and it got replaced I think. Barely play with it though.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3423 posts
we've had one 360 go back twice for RROD (no hdmi input model)
the second one downstairs (with hdmi output) has never RROD'd
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Brisbane, Queensland
670 posts
my first 360 which i got at launch rrod about a year after i got it,
once returned it rrod again 2 weeks later. (in saying that this was well before microsoft stated that the rrod was a common problem (even though eveyrone knew it was))
after that i flashed the dvd drive to play backups cause the first time it rrod it would scratch legitimate discs...

about 2 months ago that console dvd drive finally died... appears the motor in the dvd drive carked it as it wouldnt spin a disc.

i have a 2nd 360 and ive had it just under a year and i havent had a problem with it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10764 posts

1 RROD. No idea what they did but I got it back working and its really noisy ever since...
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Sydney, New South Wales
521 posts
I had 1 after this laksa with extra chilli I had the other day.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3426 posts
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Brisbane, Queensland
5500 posts
2, im waiting for it to happen again so i can get hdmi :)

Mind you its 3-4 years old now.

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Brisbane, Queensland
26399 posts
haha redhat
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Brisbane, Queensland
3445 posts
1, fixed it myself as it was an original that was out of warranty
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Brisbane, Queensland
2704 posts
3 times on my old xbox, kept asking for them to replace it.. never did.. eventually ran out of warranty and rrod again, so i've never gone xbox again :D
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