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PS2 emulator + legit PS2 discs
Brisbane, Queensland
14092 posts
If I grab a PS2 emulator off the internet, and put legit PS2 discs in my PC, can I play PS2 games on my PC?

This is legal.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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does the ps2 emulator even work? and why woudl you care about it being legal?

what are you? chicken?
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Brisbane, Queensland
14094 posts
Other dudes say it buggy and s***, so I guess not

this was kinda waste of a thread
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Cairns, Queensland
3675 posts

Poor thread, never had a chance :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
1411 posts

that emulator works better than the original. But its illegal to use if you down own, and download the bios from the PS2 onto your PC. (From my understanding)

By better than the original - I should clarify to say it makes PS2 games in 8x or more the resolution. So s***** looking games suddenly look crisp and clear. Its like magic.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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i only play old playstation games so cant help with ps2.
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Brisbane, Queensland
14095 posts
skythra with buzzer beater

thread saved

but for how long?
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Melbourne, Victoria
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God damn it, skythra beat me. Director asked me to go for a coffee with him. I couldn't say no despite my half-finished post.

I have used PCSX2 and liked it. There's a lot of plugins and stuff, you have to fiddle around (gfx, sound) until you get a good mix for your PC hardware capability. It's neither difficult or time-consuming. The copyright bit is the BIOS. The gray area is if you own a PS2 do you own the BIOS and is it legal to take it off the PS2. Who knows, but I did and it works fine.

Highly recommend PCSX2, costs you nothing to try on your hardware.
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Brisbane, Queensland
14637 posts
I found the best method of playing my old ps2 games is this:
One connect my ps2 to my tv
Two turn it on
Three play the game
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