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SFIV Tournament sticks available at Play Asia
Melbourne, Victoria
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Just a heads up, I just got an email update from Play Asia, they have the tournament sticks in stock at the moment for XBox 360 for $199 US (about $240 australian). So if anyone still wants one, this might be your chance :)

Edit: Now with link
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I was gunna say this one is better, just got 2 of them; $130 USD. Free shipping in US; but I'm not sure if they ship to Australia.

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The Match Fixer
Brisbane, Queensland
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^ That's so cheap! If i didn't have one already i'd be all over it like a bad rash.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Awesome, I want one! Would love to complete the collection.

Thanks Khel.
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Townsville, Queensland
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so what's the difference between yours, and this?:
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Brisbane, Queensland
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$240 for a f*****g controller? I could buy an Xbox 360 Arcade for that.
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