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Nintendo Wii For $249 from COTD
Melbourne, Victoria
55 posts
Hey just a heads up for the people...

www.catchoftheday.com.au are having a massive sale on wednesday with Wii's goin for $249, ipod nano 8gb for $129 and more.

If you guys aren't already, i suggest you register today to try and get your mits on the cheap wii's and ipods for sale on Wednesday at their baitathon.

Im sure that stuff will sell out crazy fast, but its definetly worth trying.
12:21pm 27/07/09 Permalink
12:21pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Le C***
Brisbane, Queensland
5158 posts
how much are wii's normally?
12:42pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3929 posts
around $350...
12:43pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Le C***
Brisbane, Queensland
5159 posts
If you mention us TODAY in a forum or Twitter send an email to promo@catchoftheday.com.au with the link and your details, we'll send you Deluxe Philips Portable Speakers.* Please click HERE for more info!

12:49pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
56 posts

hahaha. Regardless it is a wicked deal though and I honeslty do use COTD quite a bit
01:17pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Le C***
Brisbane, Queensland
5160 posts
I can't find the model code for the olympus camera - do you know what it is?
01:27pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Mr Hardware
Brisbane, Queensland
5277 posts
01:29pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
57 posts
im not too sure honestly. They haven't really given specifics yet. It will start at midday and all details will be available then, but i reckon im not even gonna look at the detail. Ill just buy it and worry later haha. $100 bucks for a 12megapixel camera, i don't care if its not their best camera.

Here is an image they had posted up the other day:
01:38pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3662 posts
From the picture, it looks like the FE-3010.
01:54pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
58 posts
^^ not bad sir, good find
02:38pm 27/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1135 posts
Servers crashed before midday
12:15pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1136 posts
So the go is that they only release one a day? I jumped on to have a look and it only shows the kb and mouse for sale.
12:21pm 29/07/09 Permalink
1106 posts
sorry im new to this cotd idea, does the camera go on sale tomorrow then? midday?
12:24pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1815 posts
Today at some point. Once an hour on the hour from midday (so 27 mins ago). The HP Keyboard/Mouse was the first item up. No idea what's next.. Expect the good stuff (Wii, Wii Fit, iPod, Camera etc) to probably go up later this arvo/tonight I'd say.
12:27pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Townsville, Queensland
1211 posts
i hoped in on the keyboard mouse, i just needed to get one for my HTPC setup so it was perfect timing and only $14.95 delivered.
reset dosnt excite me too much but ill check back every hour to see.

PS checkout via paypal, E-WAY just timed out constantly,.
01:04pm 29/07/09 Permalink
11098 posts
Deal or No Deal - Interactive DVD Game Hosted by Andrew O'Keefe. FREE + Shipping!

What a deal!

Where is the Wii?
01:28pm 29/07/09 Permalink
881 posts
COTD is a dodgy version of Zazz.

I bought some stuff from them once. Never will again. Cheap Chinese crap. Zazz isn't much better but at least they have decent customer support and don't have to resort to sending out their members to spam.
01:33pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Le C***
Brisbane, Queensland
5166 posts
This site is s*** - when you refresh the page to try and get in it logs you out, so when u finally get in you have to try and log in again and then you get stuck out again!
02:17pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2017 posts
Heh, I bought one of the 'Deal or No Deal' games - nice to have a lazy present to give someone if you have no ideas.

Still waiting for this stupid Wii to be released though, hurry up!
04:31pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2019 posts
Sold out in under 8 minutes. I actually got to the payment processing, but made a mistake with the date on my CC and farked it. Sadface.
07:10pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Le C***
Brisbane, Queensland
5167 posts
This stinks. I got through and entered CC, clicked submit, and got the busy server page! FFS!
07:12pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Special Text
Brisbane, Queensland
9451 posts
Heh yeah it's a bit of a fizzer, I managed to snag a camera earlier today, but I used paypal instead of their cc processing. I think that's probably key since it skips a bit of waiting on their choked servers.
07:32pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Le C***
Brisbane, Queensland
5168 posts
Yeh I won't be using these knobs again. I don't mind not being able to get into the site, but once you're in you should be able to complete it.
08:06pm 29/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
12 posts
lol, I won't be buying anything off that site, heard bad things about them. Also, they did the same promo a while back with even cheaper stuff, from that experience, the site is on my not-to-go-anywhere-near-it list.

03:47am 30/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1143 posts
I got an email from COTD promoting the Dr. Phil tickets. So I thought, f*** it, ill buy two for mum and see if they come through with they goods. Well they did. Got them today, but within the packet was issue #109 and #110 of Ainsley Harriott Recipe deluxe DVD by bbc. Can't complain really
11:25pm 04/08/09 Permalink
11:25pm 04/08/09 Permalink
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