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Wii sports resort? Played it?!
Toowoomba, Queensland
107 posts
What do you guys think? Its been a massive seller where i work, and i am thinking of getting a wii shortly so this might be on my list of add ons :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
25699 posts
im unhappy about new hardware being released for the wii

id rather they made games making better use of the original hardware

im going to wait and see what the take up is like before i upgrade
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Brisbane, Queensland
7858 posts

this one?

It sounds okay, but as Spooky said I'd rather see more come out for the existing hardware. I'll prolly hit up the local video shop to try it out first before forking over the bucks for it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1170 posts
My mum bought it a little while ago but she hasn't opened it up yet. I'm visiting the olds tonight for dinner so I'll give it a crack then. Looks alright from the ads
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Melbourne, Victoria
78 posts
I'm curious about the benefits of the Wii MotionPlus more than anything. I've probably spent more time with Wii Tennis than any other game on Wii so this will be intersting.
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Brisbane, Queensland
43 posts
Played it last night. I was really impressed with the sword fighting, the motion was pretty much one-to-one. The ping-pong was pretty cool, it was easy to put spin on the ball with a small flick of the wrist. I think the motion+ has pretty good potential, it is pretty much what I imagined when I first heard of the motion controls.

edit: Big W has extra MotionPlus controllers for $26 at the moment. Better price than EB.

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Brisbane, Queensland
3656 posts
Target has Wii Sports Resort and an extra MotionPlus for $99
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Melbourne, Victoria
13478 posts
Yeah, my brother is coming down here for a holiday in a couple of weeks, was going to buy it then and give it a bash. I'm really interested to see how the motion plus performs too. The Wii might actually be able to now deliver on the promises Nintendo made back when they first unveiled it.
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Sydney, New South Wales
6227 posts
Each controller requires the motion plus to play, but most of the games are hotseat not real multiplayer
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Brisbane, Queensland
9774 posts
mmhmm, the motion+ is what I thought the original was going to be like. So now it better perform.

I liked playing Tiger Woods on the Wii, all the time I was thinking, damn the motion+ would be made for golf games.
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1099 posts
best way to get wii sports resort = get 2 pre-owned games from EBgames that aren't on the exclusion list at JBHFI (around $20 each). Take them to JBHIFI and trade the games for wii sports resort... bingo
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Brisbane, Queensland
1808 posts
What Jabroney said. Of course if you didn't do it by today, then you'll pay a touch more. I scored Resort + a 2nd Motion Plus for $67 total doing the "buy two crappy games from EB, then trade at JB". Win win.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1171 posts
Played it at my mums yesterday. I liked the sword fighting and the frisbee but I started to try the wake boarding one and it didn't seem to react to my movements so I think I was doing it wrong :( I'll give it another bash and try some of the other games next time I'm at my olds
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Brisbane, Queensland
2578 posts
so hang on let me get this right... nintendo have made something which gets better results from the motion sensor and are making you pay for it?

oh those a******* / smart bastards
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Brisbane, Queensland
3659 posts
Raider - The Wii MotionPlus contains a gyroscope that works with the accelerometer in the Wii Remote. Not exactly something you could give away free.
07:22pm 26/07/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1173 posts
Yea, it's an extra attachment that plugs into your remotes so you need to buy one for each remote that you have in order to play multiplayer - otherwise you have to take turns
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