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Ghostbusters Game on 360?
Brisbane, Queensland
4244 posts
I see this has been getting decent reviews, I know it's on a timed exclusive to PS3 but I've heard rumours the 360 version is region free, can anyone here verify that or not? as playasia shows up as not tested.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3502 posts
Destructoid has confirmed with Atari that the North American version of Ghostbusters for the Xbox 360, set to hit stores on June 16, will not be region locked.
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Melbourne, Victoria
13414 posts
Yep, its region free, I haven't personally tested it but I've read a number of news posts/reviews/etc that say its free and Dungeon Crawl (an import games shop down here) has the imported 360 version for sale, saying that its region free.
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Sydney, New South Wales
6203 posts
they said on Good Game that it was region free, so it must be, but also that Atari Australia had said the 360 version will be here before end of year.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4341 posts
for anyone interested I ordered this last week from a place on ebay, 360 US version shipped from the UK for AU$66 includiing postage, arrived today a week and a day after purchase, w00t! Just search for it and you'll find it
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Melbourne, Victoria
14 posts
i seen ghost busters on the 360 and i think the graphics is insane
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Brisbane, Queensland
14614 posts
huh? they region lock games for xbox? wow I didn't even know it was possible. how many games are actually locked? if I buy 2nd hand games from some place should I be looking for some sort of region code?
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Brisbane, Queensland
4096 posts
Games consoles have been region locked forever. This generation of consoles was the first to not have mandatory region locking.

About 1/3 of 360 games are region locked I think. Most places that do trade-ins wont accept games that wont boot on a local console. As long as the game is PAL, you'll be fine. Most NTSC should work, but if it doesn't, there's nothing stopping you from returning the game to the store.

Someone needs to bump this thread again in about a month, just to keep the pattern going.
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