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xbox 360 local coop games (wake up d0mino)
Brisbane, Queensland
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1) List any good xbox 360 local coop games. I've already been through castle crashers and I was blown away by the production values there. Go.

2) Where is d0mino? I've PM'd him but no response yet unfortunately. If he's not around for the free game promo thing is there anyone else doing it? I like free games.

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Special Text
Brisbane, Queensland
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I wanna play this
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Turtles in Time remake (coming soon to a xbla near you)

edit: Dan, that's insane :/

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Holy s*** Dan. I will be on that like white on rice.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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that looks awesome
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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
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Now the official Duality thread...

Also co-op Dishwasher Samurai is meant to be good I've heard, Watchmen is co-op (unsure of quality of that) & Assault... something... is good co op also
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Brisbane, Queensland
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dans link looks seizure inducing
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Bionic Commando Rearmed.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1552 posts
Actually looking at Bionic Commando Rearmed now. We've been having fun with bomberman live, 1942 strike and ikaruga.
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just play super puzzle fighter vs until the end of time
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Hi Hashy
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