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MvC 2 : Coming soon to XBLA and PSN
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Just incase somehow people have missed it, Marvel vs Capcom 2 is being rereleased on XBLA and PSN this US summer.

Recap of Svens post on Capcom Unity Blog

1. Its based on the Dreamcast code base While the PS2 and Xbox versions of MvC2 were great, there are a few niggling issues in them that have caused the competitive community to continue using the Dreamcast version of the game. We wanted to bring you the very best version of the game, so we listened to the community and started with the Dreamcast.

2. There is online With the game being developed by Backbone, we are using largely the same, critically acclaimed net code that we used in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and with that will come our player match quarter mode/lobby system that has proven so popular. Naturally leaderboards and some form of stats tracking (details to be provided at a later date) will also be in the mix. So on the net code side, youre pretty much assured the best fighting game net code ever created for consoles.

3. HD upscaling options Given that most people play Xbox 360s and PS3s on HD TVs, its important to help make the game look better. Weve refined our real-time sprite filtering to use even more advanced techniques and were providing two upscaling options for the sprites one weve termed Crisp the other weve termed Smooth. Its a matter of personal preference for which one youll enjoy more. For purists, if youd like you can use the Classic setting, which leaves the sprites completely unfiltered. Because the filtering is applied in real-time, you can change these settings on the fly, mid-match if you choose. Our producer will be showing you some comparison screenshots in the coming days to better clarify the differences. The backgrounds in MvC2 are all 3D, and when rendered at higher resolutions look fantastic. The original textures and assets from the Dreamcast were actually much higher quality than the Dreamcast could really display at the time and when shown in HD, the impact is really quite amazing.

4. Widescreen Again, with most people playing on HD displays, we wanted to figure out how to implement widescreen support. To do so, the camera field of view was widened (which were able to do because of the 3D backgrounds effectively running off the edges of the 4:3 scenario) and there are a few camera tricks that minimize any impact on the gameplay. Play area is unchanged, and this is not a zoom and crop like HD Remix was. To put it simply, the gameplay area will be in a 4:3 field, while the viewing area will be widescreen. At the same time, for purists and competitive play, a 4:3 option (with vertical bars on the left and right) still exists.

5. No unlocking While we love giving people unlockables in games, for this outing, theres not a lot of surprises in terms of what characters are in the game. All 56 characters will be unlocked at the start for immediate play, again great for tournament play where players wont need to mess with save game data or hacked versions (/shame).

6. Music Options We love MvC2 but the original jazzy music has long been criticized even by ardent fans. Independent music volume controls and support of custom soundtracks on PS3 and 360 we deemed an important feature. Purists will still have what they love and fans of customization are also served.

And most importantly (for anyone with a ps3), the MvC2 Demo is out on PSN right now (for the US at least, I'm not quite sure how PSN works, so it might be a bit longer before we get it here)

Can't wait for this to be released!

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Call me stupid, but that trailer just looks like MVC1...
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I enjoyed Xmen vs SF at the time but subsequent iterations were very much the same, just different characters and a lot more big flashy moves. So flashy and ridiculous that you'll end up on the floor with epileptic fit. Oh and i find it a bit of a button masher's game if you ask me.

It definitely won't be diverting my attention away from SF4 but still i'll prolly end up grabbing it for something different.

p.s. Wolverine owns.
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is this game fun?? looks f*****g spammy, dunno wtf is going on in that trailer apart from 2 peeps bashing each other up with 1000hit combos constantly... I noticed Street fighter characters there also!?!?
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And most importantly (for anyone with a ps3), the MvC2 Demo is out on PSN right now (for the US at least, I'm not quite sure how PSN works, so it might be a bit longer before we get it here)

Just create a second PSN account and say you're in the US... then you can download everything! \o/
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I noticed Street fighter characters there also!?!?

That would be the "Capcom" part of "Marvel vs Capcom"
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Oh and heres the offical site : http://www.tu4ar.com/

Got to love the original music
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yaaaaaaaay, I can finally pack away my dreamcast!
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