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free ps3 with this phone plan
Brisbane, Queensland
377 posts

this a good deal?

Doesn't say what phone you get?
09:05pm 29/04/09 Permalink
09:05pm 29/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
6199 posts
Nah you don't get a phone homie
09:12pm 29/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2212 posts
its never a good deal when you are giving me link with dodo
10:11pm 29/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
471 posts
PS3 delivered within 14 days of Dodo receiving payment of second months bill

10:24pm 29/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1046 posts
Doesnt seem like to bad of a deal if u realy want a free ps3 and already have a decent phone.
07:28am 30/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
5008 posts
PS3 delivered within 14 days of Dodo receiving payment of second months bill

"delivered within 14 days" fail

So you will be waiting at least 6 - 7 weeks minimum.
08:08am 30/04/09 Permalink
Le C***
Brisbane, Queensland
5002 posts
Who's dodo's carrier? Optus?

Check call rates and coverage. Apart from that I reckon its good since I don't care about fancy phones.
08:27am 30/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1960 posts
pretty sweet deal.. I remember back in the day when Crazy Johns gave away some pretty cool s***..
08:46am 30/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1335 posts
referrer scam thread
08:49am 30/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
8979 posts
Looks like a sweet deal, but I certainly wouldn't fill out those online forms. Go to the store and ask about it.
08:54am 30/04/09 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
4550 posts
You will pay for it by blowing through your cap every month because the call rates, flagfalls, etc will be pretty high. I got on to one of these plans years ago and got a "free PSP" with my mobile phone and my bills were pretty huge - except I had my work paying for it so I really did get a free PSP - WHEEEE.
09:17am 30/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
24878 posts

obviously they are pretty confident they can cover the cost of a ps3 with the phone calls

id be avoiding like the plague
10:18am 30/04/09 Permalink
10:18am 30/04/09 Permalink
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