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How to cancel an Xbox 360 account??
Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
16399 posts
Twas looking at my banks details and it seems MS have been taking $10.95 from my bank each month.

Is there any way to cancel a subscription fee without hooking up the console to the net? I've gone to the Xbox Live site and every options I find keeps pointing back to using the 360 to do it.
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
16400 posts
OK, this is f***ed. I've hooked up the 360 and I can only add extra subscriptions or change account details and it has nothing to actually let me take away my credit card or cancel the thing.


All links on their web site point to a phone number to call if I wanna cancel. Surely that can't be right??
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Brisbane, Queensland
7639 posts
after a quick google it looks like the only way to cancel is to ring microsoft.
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Gold Coast, Queensland
1111 posts
So to summarise, you've just spent more time and effort trying to avoid calling than what calling would require?

It's a phone, not some monster that sucks blood. Use it.
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
26598 posts
Still, it's pretty annoying when companies make it a pain in the ass to cancel the service.
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
16401 posts
Firt of all euphoria. Put the attitude away and shut your mouth. I love listening to your little piss-ant soldiers talk tough. It makes me laugh. If John was here, he'd laugh too.

Calling now, but in this modern day of the interwebs I shouldn't have to call MS to cancel this.

/joking euphoria

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Gold Coast, Queensland
1113 posts
lol, no worries dude. I too have spent hours raging for an online solution when the phone is 60cm away. Posting from experience.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10572 posts

I just used Live subscription cards. When they expire they expire. They're cheaper too I find.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3476 posts
Yeah, my housemate was having the same problem, though with him, it was somehow charging his account to an expired credit card. F*****g retarded.
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Brisbane, Queensland
4081 posts
as if cancel live.
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299 posts
Yeah I had this problem as well, the thing that bugs me about it is that you can sign up on your xbox or online but you can't cancel using the same method. I spent ages trying to work out how to do it on the xbox before giving up and looking up the site on the interwebs and finding out you can only cancel by phone.
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Tanaka Khan
Brisbane, Queensland
4645 posts
LOL...Commando FTW
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Brisbane, Queensland
821 posts
Im sick of having to ring up companies to disconnect services and finding out they didnt do it. Even if its only a shop front at the Post Office or something i want to be able to go to a store sign a bit of paper and know i have cancelled a service.

Not to mention the fact that you end up sitting on a phone for ages waiting to talk to some indian guy that cant pronounce most words.

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Brisbane, Queensland
2047 posts
Still, it's pretty annoying when companies make it a pain in the ass to cancel the service.

ever tried to cancel a gym membership?

that s*** needs a big red button imo
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
3117 posts
Still, it's pretty annoying when companies make it a pain in the ass to cancel the service.

QuickFlix.com.au has this bulls*** too. If you sign up online, being unable to cancel online is just slimey IMO.
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Brisbane, Queensland
748 posts
Call your bank and tell them you want to stop microsofts unauthorised transactions.
05:29pm 21/04/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
13824 posts
Just close your bank account.
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Brisbane, Queensland
732 posts
Just turn off your PC. That'll stop those illegal transactions.
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