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Recommend me a 360 Game
Brisbane, Queensland
4844 posts
As the title states recommend me a game.

Must have:
Co-Op (the main reason so this must be good & have longevity)
Online play for Co-Op
Profanity would also be welcomed, but not essential.

Other suggestions?

Any 360 gurus give a brother some advice of what would fit the bill?

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Brisbane, Queensland
3085 posts
GoW2 or RE5.

gow was particularly gory, and worked well in co-op
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Brisbane, Queensland
4845 posts
I should clarify that blood and guts isn't really that high up the must have scale.

Good game play and longevity rate much higher.
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Brisbane, Queensland
24561 posts
gow was alright, once you've finished it (if you do, that last boss was a b****) you're unlikely to play it again;

sounds like L4D is the go
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Brisbane, Queensland
3281 posts
Castle Crashers.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2931 posts
fight night and Pro Evo Soccer! probably pick each of them up for like 20 ruddbux each

GoW2 was ok... GoW1 was solid first time through, same with halo3.

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Brisbane, Queensland
4846 posts
Yeah I'm also pretty keen for a sport game like soccer.

L4D is leading the race, any advances?

Much love for Ruddbux.
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Brisbane, Queensland
11991 posts
Army of two is actually pretty fun.. other then that maybe one of the rainbow six vegas titles?? if you're a fan of the old swat games then they're pretty rad..
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Brisbane, Queensland
91 posts
Crackdown - awesome sauce fun co-op. Best fun I've had playing co-op on the 360. Climb the outside of a skyscraper, get to the top and kick bad guys off the roof. Get a semi 'accidently' thrown at you by your partner and respond by hitting him with a rocket from halfway across town :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
4847 posts
Yeah I've got the first Rainbow six Vegas and it's not bad at all, bit over it though and looking for something else.

I'll look into the other titles in that series as I've never really checked them out.

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Brisbane, Queensland
13330 posts
Also voted Left 4 Dead, online play is a blast.
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Melbourne, Victoria
13128 posts
Personally, I wouldn't buy Left 4 Dead on console though. I haven't played the 360 version, so I'm just extrapolating here, but its a PC FPS ported to console, I don't imagine it'll be at its best on a 360.

Something like Gears of War works, cos its built from the ground up to take into account the strengths and weaknesses of a console. But I've found more often than not, when an FPS is made for PC, and ported to console, it sucks pretty hard on console.
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Brisbane, Queensland
2934 posts
saints row 2 was good, dont bother with numer 1 tho
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Brisbane, Queensland
13333 posts
I don't imagine it'll be at its best on a 360
the major downside I see is the lack of AU servers for Xbox live.
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Tim Tibbetts
Brisbane, Queensland
2102 posts
I don't see how you could play L4D on a console, it's so jumpy and I dont think you can turn quickly enough with consoles and still retain control. And no no I'm not trying to start an arugment or debate.
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Brisbane, Queensland
13334 posts
I've not played it on PC, but it's doable, theres a nice 180 spin button though.
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Brisbane, Queensland
1503 posts
RE5 is very good, although I'm not sure about long term replay value as the co-op mode has you playing through the single player game again. To be honest, probably what you would want to do with a game like this is play it from the start as co-op.

The reason I think GOW2 as an example might be better long term is that you can play (as I understand it) co-op in Horde mode, where waves of enemies come at you and you have to battle your way through capture the flag/king of the hill type scenarios, rather than solve puzzles etc.

I guess any co-op game is going to be relatively linear and so is going to have some limitations on replay value, as opposed to games like COD series which are team based or your more standard deathmatch etc.

Ideally you want a game that you can play as co-op/team but also has open ended DM or CTF modes. If RE5 had a Capture the Flag or Horde type mode it would be the money.
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The GuVna
Brisbane, Queensland
808 posts
It's not co-op, but if you've just recently acquired a 360 you should be able to pick up Dead Rising reasonably cheap these days. I had a blast playing through that game.

& yes if you have 3 friends, Castle Crashers
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Brisbane, Queensland
8672 posts
Guitar Hero?
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Brisbane, Queensland
571 posts
Just picked up RE5.

Looking forward to some coop yeeeeeee
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Melbourne, Victoria
13132 posts
If RE5 had a Capture the Flag or Horde type mode it would be the money.

Its going to have some of those sorts of modes soon, being released as DLC. Though, not free DLC so it'll probably cost a few $$. I'm interested to see how the hell its going to work though, cos the Resident Evil formula doesn't really lend itself to fast-paced competitive gameplay.
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Melbourne, Victoria
62 posts
Doesn't RE5 have Mercenary Mode or w/e? It's very similar to Horde mode from what i've heard.
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