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Wanted: xbox360 GHWT Drum Kit (even broken)
Brisbane, Queensland
6347 posts
Anyone have a world tour drum kit set that they don't want or is busted and will let it go on the cheap? Dodgy pads etc or broken stand is fine.

Reason I want it is I am wanting to strip the brain out and use it with a proper electronic drum kit.

I have tested the orange/yellow plugs with the proper electronic pads which worked just fine. Gotta pull the whole thing apart to get to red/blue/green wiring though and the kit I currently have is borrowed.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Don't be pullin my drums apart beeyatch
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Townsville, Queensland
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i have one gathering dust... how much u'd pay? (not sure if it works or not)
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Melbourne, Victoria
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I thought the guitar hero drums had a midi input? Can't you just send midi output from your electronic drums straight to the GHWT drums while they're plugged into the console? Or am I confused and this is exactly what you're doing?
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Brisbane, Queensland
6055 posts
I think thats pretty much what they're doing, just that they're using my drums at the moment, so eventually I might want them back, and they want another "brain" so that they can then use the electronic kit's pads with the Xbox.
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Brisbane, Queensland
6348 posts
BTW Alex your orange pad is f***ed

It ghost notes all the time ruining your streak, hence why we tried attaching a pad from the e-kit to see if that fixed it and also to see if it would actually work. It did on both accounts :)

Hrm how bout $50 vb? You'd have to ship it though if your location is correct which makes it all that much harder :(

At the moment all we've done is use an adapter to plug the cable that usually goes to the cymbal pads directly into one of the proper e-kit pads.

If you used the midi input, how would it know which drum was which colour?
Ima go google a bit and see if theres any tutorials.

Can't really find anything with detailed instructions on how to setup the midi...

Seeing the pads just work if you plug them in imo it'd be easier to just hack up the crappy kit, solder up a few plugs for red/blue/green and have a small control box with cables coming out instead of having to have the entire plastic kit next to the e-kit to make it work.

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