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Bought a 360 lately?
Brisbane, Queensland
3878 posts
Oh hai, just a reminder: if you bought a 360 in the last month or so, throw me a pm and i can score you a free game.
09:44am 02/02/09 Permalink
09:44am 02/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
2784 posts
i love it when you talk dirty, forum member d0mino
10:00am 02/02/09 Permalink
Gaelic newb
15956 posts
What do they retail for these days?

I'll have to get me one when I get back to Aus
10:06am 02/02/09 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
199 posts
lol won one before chrissy does that count
10:06am 02/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
13634 posts
I want Mirrors Edge, but dont feel I should have to pay for it, can you help me out?

10:15am 02/02/09 Permalink
3099 posts
What do they retail for these days?

More than you can afford pal
02:38pm 02/02/09 Permalink
Sydney, New South Wales
831 posts
05:48pm 02/02/09 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
3295 posts
d0mino, this seems to practically be a permanent offer from you, but I don't recall ever actually hearing what people have scored from it. Knowing where you work, what are you throwing their way, copies of JIRA or XDK something? :P~
06:39pm 02/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4621 posts

I scored a game from domino

Gears of War.

I told my son I bought it for him :)
06:48pm 02/02/09 Permalink
3104 posts
I scored a free game from him. Dead or alive 4.
06:57pm 02/02/09 Permalink
1193 posts
I scored a free game. Domino is trustworthy (although never looks satisfied in sex)
06:58pm 02/02/09 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
3296 posts
Oh, I'm not at all claiming there's any dodgyness going on, I trust him (not sure why I would have any reason whatsoever not to), I was just curious what kind of freebies had been on offer was all.
07:28pm 02/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
462 posts
You should create a sig that mentions to message you if someone buys a 360.
07:30pm 02/02/09 Permalink
2560 posts
If i bought one one a few months ago here in Netherlands do I apply?
07:35pm 02/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
24050 posts
i gave domino games, i think im doing it wrong :(
08:50pm 02/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
393 posts
haha spookster.

I got Ninja Gaiden 2 through him.

So much hacking and slashing you'd think Ryu would accidently sever his own limbs off in the process.
09:29pm 02/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
4043 posts
I got Lost Odyssey and prompted traded it in at JB :P
09:33pm 02/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3886 posts
lol spooks. thx for the games.
10:21pm 02/02/09 Permalink
10:21pm 02/02/09 Permalink
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