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Rock Band instruments or Guitar Hero World Tour instruments?
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
3053 posts
I'm looking for opinions from people who have played on both. Which instruments do you prefer? I've read the feature comparisons, but they dont really tackle build quality and "feel".

I dont care about which game is better, I'll get both eventually.
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Brisbane, Queensland
337 posts
Whats the minimum cost to get guitar hero ?
cheapest console that it works on ?
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Gladstone, Queensland
636 posts
mate got GHWT and the drums were pretty s***.
you don't get any real feel for actual drumming as they are just hard plastic.
they need to make them have more of a "real drum" sound...same for the "symbols" hard plastic. so nothing actually sounds like you're making music
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Reverend Evil
Wynnum, Queensland
16093 posts
You should buy the GHWT pack and that way you can play either RB or GH but you can't do it the other way because the RB drums don't have the 5th pad needed to play GH.
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Brisbane, Queensland
10050 posts
GHWT drums are definately better.
I have both and apart from the fact that you can't play GHWT with the RB drums, the RB drums are so loud when you hit them that it annoys anyone nearby and eventually yourself.
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Melbourne, Victoria
12922 posts
I prefer the Rock Band drums, but thats probably largely due to the fact I'd been using them for 6 months before using Guitar Hero ones, so I was just way more used to them. When I tried GH drums, the three actual pads on the GH drums did feel more solid and felt like they had better rebound than the Rock Band ones, but I didn't like the cymbals at all. GH pedal felt pretty cheap and nasty, but then, so does the Rock Band one, so I guess its lose lose there. I've since modded my Rock Band drums anyway with some replacement heads and a better pedal, so I wouldn't trade them for anything now, but I guess stock out the box, if you're not predisposed to one game or the other, GH drums might have the edge.

Unless you could get a set of Rock Band 2 drums, but god knows when that'll ever come out here :(
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Brisbane, Queensland
4001 posts
Definitely GHWT, you have 5 pads to start with so you're covered for both games and they are velocity sensitive whereas rock bands aren't. Check out some game sites, IGN etc, I think one of them did a comparison and GHWT's came out on top, sturdier pads with more rebound. I'm assuming they're not selling drums of either individually yet? and you're buying the whole pack? in which case you should still get GHWT as the new guitar is f*****g awesome and s**** all over the GH2\3 one, I love it.

And yeah, get both games :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
6236 posts
Does anyone know anywhere that has stock of the full GHWT kit?
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Brisbane, Queensland
10051 posts
Harvey Norman Capalaba had a heap of them when I went there today.
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Special text
Brisbane, Queensland
8904 posts
Nats: world tour, no question.

The tactile feedback is better, and there's the extra cymbols, but the main winning factor imo is how much noise they make.

Rock Band drums make a lot more noise and can be annoying/distracting for anyone not playing the drums unless you have the tv volume cranked. You can buy silencing pads, but why would you when world tour drums come quieter as standard.

The only thing I'd really say RB's kit has over GH is that they're more portable and a little easier to store.

Can't speak for Rock Band 2's drums, but they're only available via import so couldn't possibly be worth the extra dollars at this point in time.
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Canberra, Australian Capital Territory
3055 posts
Sounds like GHWT it is then, thanks!
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