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guitar hero 3 whammy bar [resolved!]
Melbourne, Victoria
3784 posts

so i bought gh3 today and the whammy bar doesnt seem to work consistently in all songs. am i doing it wrong or is it broke ?

its a wireless les paul ?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Dunno, should be fine. Mine works easily. Might be faulty. Just warranty it.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Mine works fine man. Bought mine a few months ago and its had a flogging since and works fine.

Have you played guitar hero before? Are you using the wammy bar properley? You do know you have to push it up and down right? (don't spin it around)

Other than that if you are using it properley, take it back straight away and claim warranty.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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im doing it right,

i booted it up this morning to it another whirl. it worked for the first song, take it easy then loaded up bulls on parade and it wouldn't work. went back to take it easy and its still not working. turned the xbox off and on again, not working on take it easy.

oh well. have to take it back i suppose.

should i try and get the dudes to give me guitar hero WT ? they are pretty dumb dumb down at harvey norman.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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harvey norman fortitude valley would not accept my return. its less than 24 hours old.

apparently they have a blanket no return policy on guitar hero products. i wish they had f*****g told me before i bought it.
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Forum Hero
Wynnum, Queensland
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how is that even legal?
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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
25776 posts
AFAIK (according to the flier that came with our GH:WT anyway) all returns for GH hardware has to go through Activision support.

Let me know how you go; one of our guitars has started screwing up and we need to send it back.

This is why I have always hated games that have non-standard peripheral requirements. Inevitably something breaks and then the game is basically unplayable.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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So i called the manager at harvey norman, he said he would do a refund. So i might go get a refund, walk to the back of the store and pick up another one.

Otherwise he said all returns had to go through activision website (as per what trog said) but it seems they are only supporting world tour NOT guitar hero III.

after going through the instructions on their website i am greeted with this pleasant message:
Thank you for requesting warranty service. Your item is no longer under warranty. Have you tried to troubleshoot your item through our knowledge base?

Click here to visit our knowledge base.

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AGN Admin
Brisbane, Queensland
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wtf, didn't you just buy it?
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Sydney, New South Wales
533 posts
AFAIK (according to the flier that came with our GH:WT anyway) all returns for GH hardware has to go through Activision support.

there's a bit of paper in every guitar hero box that specifically states this, gives the address etc too
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Brisbane, Queensland
3788 posts
i am pretty sure that is Guitar Hero WT only, not Guitar Hero III. If anyone has a scan of this flyer it would be much appriciated. cause im pretty sure it wasn't in my box.
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Cairns, Queensland
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AFAIK (according to the flier that came with our GH:WT anyway) all returns for GH hardware has to go through Activision support.

This is not legal in Australia. The ACCC mandates that the contract of sale is between the consumer and the retailer, NOT the supplier. These laws exist to protect consumers form just this sort of f*****g around.

I sell goods...
What are my obligations?
When you sell goods you must make certain that they fulfil certain conditions and warranties that are implied under the TPA.

You must be sure that goods:

are of merchantable quality—that is, goods need to reach a basic level of quality given the price of the goods and any description that is provided with the goods are fit for the purpose or job that the consumer described to you or that are self-evident match any description or sample given to the consumer whether in promotional material, over the phone, in person, on a website or on labelling or packaging are free from defects and faults.

You must also be sure that any goods you sell have no debt or financing owed on them so the consumer can have free title to the goods.

If the goods you have sold do not fulfil any of these conditions then the consumer may be entitled to a refund from you on return of the goods.

Can I limit my liability?
You cannot limit your liability for services that you provide for normal household or personal use.

Don't take s*** from the retailer. They took your money, they legally owe you the refund if it doesn't work. Retailers are not permitted by law to limit their liability for the goods they sell to consumers.

There is some allowance for the age of the goods (you can't take back a 5 year old broken PS2 for a refund) but a game controller bought 24 hours is obviously covered.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Pretty sure that if its not fit for its purpose at time of sale they have to take it back.
Statutory rights are your rights by law and cannot be refused, changed or limited by the seller.

Statutory conditions are the essential terms of a contract—they 'make or break' the deal. If a statutory condition is breached, you may be entitled to a refund.


The Trade Practices Act implies the following statutory conditions into consumer contracts:

* The goods must be of merchantable quality. That is, they must meet a basic level of quality and performance, taking into account their price and description. They also should be free from defects that were not obvious to you at the time of purchase.
* The goods must be fit for their purpose. That is, they should do what they are supposed to do and be suitable for any purpose that you might have made known to the supplier.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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u guys are awesome. i heart qgl.


After speaking to the manager yesterday I was able to arrange a refund today. Not too much fuss this time around. I didn't even have to get out my highlighted printouts of the ACCC website :)

Big thanks for all the info on my rights as a consumer.

Lesson learned: if you buy something and it doesnt work you are legally entitled to a refund, don't take any s*** from anyone.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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chat transcipt with manager plz
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Brisbane, Queensland
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it went a little something like this;
[d: is me]
[m: is manager]

d: oh hais i just went into your store to return a product which i purchased yesterday and was turned away.

m: oh for reals? what was the product?

d: guitar hero 3, apparently there is a blanket no returns policy on all guitar hero products?

m: yeah, for warranty claims we advise the customer to deal directly with activision because the turn around time is quicker than if we send it to them. but if you bought it yesterday and its not working then you can come in and get a refund, no problems.

d: Oh really, thats not what i wa..

m: yeah mate its fine, just bring it in with your receipt.

d: will do tomorrow, see you then

m: good on ya mate, see ya.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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I would still report it to the ACCC, lodge a complaint. Companies like HN, Myer, etc do this a lot. Illegal and scummy.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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The guitars prefect size.

Jerry - make sure you use the strap it makes it easier.

I have had my GH3 guitar for 4 months. I have hammered it and lent it to friends and its still in tip top shape. You must have been unlucky domino.
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