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Super Street Fighter 2 HD
Brisbane, Queensland
3886 posts
Anyone else pick this up from Xbox Arcade or Playstation Network?

I just downloaded it on 360 and got my arsed handed to me, it's been a while since i've played any SF, the graphics look great though and it feels identical to the old one only it runs smooth as silk.
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08:36pm 27/11/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
23532 posts
i still regularly play sf alpha on my callus emulater

been playing it a fair bit since i got my new joypad

timeless gaming!~
09:52pm 27/11/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
556 posts
looks awesome and i like how they kept the original sounds though i'm guessing remastered... only thing i don't like is how crappy the 360 controller is for this game :\
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Brisbane, Queensland
105 posts
So does the HD version play any different? as in is the gameplay any faster or is it just a remake with better sprites?

When Street Fighter 4 comes out consoles I'm buying whatever arcade stick comes out customized for it. Can't stand the xbox360 controller for fighting games.
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Brisbane, Queensland
106 posts
ok so it is in fact just better looking

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Brisbane, Queensland
3687 posts
i downloaded some other crap game to get into the beta, and realised i am very s*** at this game. i dont think i will be picking up the full version. i want to like it though.

and if you are a street fighter aficionado there are changes to the gameplay. chun lis spinning bird kick no longer goes straight across the screen, it does an arc. and dhalsims character has had a few changes.
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Brisbane, Queensland
110 posts
I wouldn't call them significant game play changes.

But that's just me.

I'll eagerly be waiting for Street Fighter 4.
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Brisbane, Queensland
3887 posts
it's probably significant to those who have been playing it for years and know the game inside out. For those like me who haven't really touched it since SNES it seems the same, though I did notice chun li's spinning bird kick change
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Brisbane, Queensland
412 posts
Like most games i guess.. you wont enjoy street fighter if your not a pro.

Just read some guides on the net about counters / playstyles etc. Then its just about memorising the combinations.
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Brisbane, Queensland
421 posts
Need more qgl nubs to pwn. Get your xbox's online and get this now!
06:40pm 04/12/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
132 posts
I might get it just to woooooooop your ass!
12:14am 05/12/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
207 posts
Ok now i do have it.

Refer to my sig and add me so i can in fact woop your ass!
06:15pm 25/12/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1762 posts
are the old skool mortal kombats available too fpr ps3/xbla???
08:49pm 25/12/08 Permalink
1298 posts
mk2 is
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Melbourne, Victoria
2608 posts
Anyone else pick this up from Xbox Arcade or Playstation Network?

Those Sony tards still haven't released this on Aus PSN. I need to go get myself a Westpac Visa Giftvoucher at some point to gain access to the US PSN store. Yet another area regioning fails.
11:14pm 25/12/08 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
1028 posts
Yeah I had to use the entropay service to be able to buy it on the psn store.
11:25pm 25/12/08 Permalink
Melbourne, Victoria
6 posts
I'm just glad I didnt buy SF2HD and waited for SFIV!
12:27am 22/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
463 posts
That's nice...

So did you end up getting it in time from wherever dodgy place you ordered it from?
01:13am 22/02/09 Permalink
Brisbane, Queensland
3595 posts
street fighter iv is f***** hard :(
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01:20am 22/02/09 Permalink
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