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Gutar Rig 3
Brisbane, Queensland
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Seen a few musician threads here so i thought i would find out if anyone has one of these ?
Native Instruments Guitar Rig Session Software + Interface


Im looking at something that will go straight into the computer and play through my speakers/PC.

Or do you have an alternative setup ?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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havent used it personally but have used similar devices. If you dont already have an external mixer or external amp simulators then it would be the way to go.

Personally I use a 12 channel mixer into the line in and physical amp simulator and effects pedals.

I just use adobe audition for recording, I find it realy easy to use.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I run gutiar rig 3 with a Amplitube Stealth plug was about 100 basically just the standard amp plug to a usb cable but does the job :)
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Brisbane, Queensland
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so the gtr cord goes into this box then USB into computer ?
and then exits via my soundcard into speakers ?

someone else said that you can use this as your pc soundcard ?

can i plug my speakers into this so it goes through the comp then back out through the box into speakers ?

does it have a drum kit sample too with sequencer ?

whats an Amplitube Stealth plug ?

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Brisbane, Queensland
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Have played around with Guitar Rig 3 on my laptop, it's pretty nifty.

I'm just using a Line6 Toneport GX as an interface and it does the job just fine. Low latency and nice clean signal.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Theres a big price difference between Guitar Rig 3 and Line6 Toneport GX.

WHats the differences ?

If i wanted to take it somewhere to play live with a band/drummer would it work with just a Speaker bin connected ?
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Brisbane, Queensland
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And from the plug I use the LINE IN on my X-fi.

then use guitar rig 3 software.
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guitar rig is the best guitar VST plugin by far, but not exactly cheap.. also all their extras like rig control and this thing are to put it bluntly, douchey, they're aimed at people who just wanna plug in and not think for themselves..

honestly if you were going to spend that much you'd be better off with a protools mbox at least you'd have an industry standard platform. honestly any DAW interface will do you fine. workout how much you wanna spend and then just buy one, i'd suggest second hand on ebay, guitarports are cheap and a good start.. start off with a cheap one with a single input and upgrade as necessary, they'll all give you good sound and next to no latency..

i started with some cheapass generic usb linein, and upgraded to a focusrite saffire after a while, got that 2nd hand for $200, 2 line ins with pre's and 10channel output monitoring, which any music equipment mag will tell you is one of the best in its class for a mini mobile studio setup.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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I have a DigiDesign MBox, and it f*****g rocks. I think it was around 700/800, but you get ProTools with it, and a heap of watered down plugins. Here is a song I recorded with it (attempting to embed using Windows Sky Drive):
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Theres a big price difference between Guitar Rig 3 and Line6 Toneport GX.
Guitar Rig 3 is just the software. the Line 6 Toneport GX is the USB interface I use to connect the guitar to my PC.

The Guitar Rig option you linked to is a bundle, the "Guitar Rig 3 XE" software package with the "Guitar Rig Session I/O" hardware. It's obviously cheaper if you just buy the software itself.

Here's a few examples of different USB audio interface brands http://www.amazon.com/tag/usb%20audio%20interface/

Obviously the price ranges a fair bit, depending on the amount of inputs you need (like if you want to run more guitars or mics through them at the same time) and what software they come bundled with. If you're using guitar rig 3 you don't need any additional software.

They are all essentially USB soundcards, and act as such when you plug it into your PC. If you try just going direct to the line-in on most laptops (or desktop PC's for that matter) you'll get a very noisy signal.

And yes, you don't need a guitar amplifier, you can just hook your laptop/pc up to regular speakers or a pa.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Faceman are you going to use the interface to record?
It just seems strage i dont think you mentioned recording at all yet and if you aren't you would be better off getting a nice amp and some pedals, or if you are after the "All-In-One" combo you could get an amp with built in effects like the Line 6 Spider series.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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Nice song billy.
maybe some lead gtr in the background at the end of the song ?
so you did it all through that plugin ?

Well i used to play a lot 10 years ago and id like to get back into it but my amp is very old laney and im kinda cramped for room and noise might be a problem so i was looking at something like this that i can play through my comps speakers (logitech 5.1) not as loudly and i loved the speaker simulators that can give me such a variety of sounds.
I used to have a full version of fruity loops that i used to write drum tracks and bass/kbd to practice along with.
I gather thats possible with this ?

" I run guitar rig 3 with a Amplitube Stealth plug was about 100 basically just the standard amp plug to a usb cable but does the job :)"
Where did you get that from ??

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Brisbane, Queensland
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ok the Guitar Rig 3 with the preamp box thing has gone up $80 ! wtf ?
So Im gonna go with the XE version which is just the software.

Anyone know if this comes with some basic drums and synth ?
I want to add some tracks to jam along with.
Anyone briefly explain these ?
Stand-alone, VST®, Audio Units™, RTAS® (Pro Tools 7), ASIO®, Core Audio™, DirectSound™

Im looking at getting this to use with the software.

This comes with some software too.
Does it come with drum kits/sequencer synths ?

I used to have Fruity Loops and created some excellent jamming stuff/songs
can these be imported into some of this software ?

cheers for any tips.

Ive decided to go this route and put the extra money into the new guitar.
Maybe a Highway Strat...
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Brisbane, Queensland
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I have a line 6 pod xt which is not to bad for recording that i want to get rid of.
Basically plug the guitar into the pod xt, its got a headphone/speaker out, xlr outs etc etc.. but also a usb out. (plus all the effects, amp modelling etc etc, which you control from the device itself or via the line 6 gearbox software)

I just record via podxts usb port into my computers usb with audacity/insert DAW of choice here


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Brisbane, Queensland
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59fifty i found this on a site about the behringer..

* Please be aware that this unit's USB function will only work correctly using the headphone output of this unit, you may either connect Headphones or a Stereo (TRS) ¼" (6.3mm) jack to a pair of powered monitors or mixing device.

DO NOT expect to simply plug this unit into your computer's USB port and produce sound through your existing sound card and speakers as this is not how it works!!*

SO i cant use this and then hear the guitar through my PCs Speakers ?
Is that the same with all these type of devices ?

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Brisbane, Queensland
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you can plug your speakers directly into the usb device, or use a line in cable to simply hear the guitar with the pc.

I have it as two options.

Unhook the x530s and plug into usb device, (only can hear backing tracks by playing them thru guitarig 3.

or as the line in, this way I can play with Guitar pro and hear midi tracks at the same time.

It does definatley suck that it can't be both at once.

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Brisbane, Queensland
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With the line6 one I believe you can't have both your guitar, and backing via computer speakers as you have to set your 'audio device' in windows from soundcard to the line6 pod xt, I imagine the beringher (sp??) is the same.

If im recording something I just have the backing playing via my computer speakers (well, computer -> nad 3020b -> wharfedale bookshelfs) and have my headphones into the podxt.

Theres prolly a better solution but i havent bothered looking as im trying to get rid of the pod as i dont use it, dont really record much at the moment.
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Brisbane, Queensland
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yeh there's better solutions
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Brisbane, Queensland
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or in the case of guitar rig you can use guitar rig's 'tape decks' for your backing tracks
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