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Summary: Exilania Demo v0.06
Date: 03 Oct 13
Filename: Exilania_0.06.zip
Size: 21MB (22,022,862 bytes)
Downloads: 22
Last Download: 18 days ago
More info: http://exilania.com/
Exilania is a multiplayer 2d sandbox/adventure/rpg/roguelike. The focus of Exilania is taming a hostile world. You begin with nothing but an axe-head, and can advance up to making massive buildings, generating electricity, and eventaully mastering the secrets of your new world. The world is made from blocks, all of which are destructible.
MD5 Sum: 398bbc0d4ceb7f3ecc45c8908e4a7e7d
SHA1 Sum: 977bd9604fe1474db47180b6eeeab163d1e38547