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Usenet Downloads:
In addition to making files available for download via our awesome high-speed web servers, we also post some of them to Usenet, offering another super-fast option for speed-hungry gamers to get the latest files.

What is Usenet?
Giganews Newsgroups Usenet is a global network - one of the oldest Internet services - that provides a method for users to retrieve information from a huge variety of different newsgroups.

Originally a service for text-based discussion and information, Usenet has evolved to now include a huge variety of 'binary' groups - regular files that are posted in such a way that they're downloadable by any user. These days, just about every single file imaginable, of every single type, is able to be found on Usenet.

The files AusGamers posts to Usenet are exactly the sames as the ones that you'll download from us directly - you'll just be able to get them (probably) faster.

What do I need to download from Usenet?
You need two things:
  • A Usenet account - you can get a free trial from Giganews, a premier provider with excellent retention and super-fast download speeds that will almost certainly max out your connection.
  • Software to download from Usenet - you can find out what you need and how to use it in our Usenet HOWTO!

Latest Usenet/NZBs

Summary Date sorting asc Size Downloads
VLC Portable v1.0.3 for Windows 07-11-09 20MB 58
Torchlight Demo v1.12 07-11-09 418.1MB 600
Firefox v3.5.5 for Linux 06-11-09 9.5MB 10
Firefox v3.5.5 for Mac OS X 06-11-09 17.7MB 8
Firefox v3.5.5 for Windows 06-11-09 7.7MB 57
Ubuntu v9.10 Desktop i386 ISO 02-11-09 690MB 212
Firefox v3.6 beta 1 for Mac OS X 01-11-09 18.5MB 2
Firefox v3.6 beta 1 for Windows 01-11-09 8MB 5
GhostX Pre Open Beta Client 30-10-09 287.6MB 2246
The Warlords Client v1053 29-10-09 637.7MB 458
Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron Cinematic Trailer 29-10-09 121.9MB 15
Grand Theft Auto 4: Episodes From Liberty City "Luis Lopez" Trailer 29-10-09 40.7MB 15
Live for Speed S2 Client vZ25 29-10-09 133.6MB 4912
Torchlight Launch Trailer 28-10-09 38.3MB 16
Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor Patch v2.6.0.0 to v2.6.0.1 28-10-09 26.8MB 1689
NCAA Basketball 10 "Motion Offense" Sizzle Trailer 28-10-09 31.2MB 4
GunBound WC Client v828 [International] 28-10-09 302.3MB 1393
Angels Online Client v2.5.1.7 26-10-09 0 B 11
Borderlands "GearBox Champion" AU Trailer 26-10-09 357.6MB 73
4Story Client v091023 24-10-09 1GB 164
Eudemons Online Client v1237 23-10-09 1002.8MB 285
Soul of The Ultimate Nation Cinematic Trailer 22-10-09 21.4MB 30
One Piece: Unlimited Cruise Launch Trailer 22-10-09 66.6MB 13
Fort Zombie Debut Trailer 22-10-09 100.3MB 10
Planet 51 "Lem" Trailer 22-10-09 107.2MB 5
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Launch Trailer 22-10-09 119.5MB 31
Flock It! Launch Trailer 21-10-09 136.6MB 2
Need for Speed Nitro GC 2009 "Rio de Janeiro" Trailer 21-10-09 19.5MB 14
Rocket Knight Debut Trailer 21-10-09 19.9MB 5
Halo Waypoint Dev Walkthrough Trailer 21-10-09 31.6MB 8
Zombie Apocalypse Gameplay Trailer 21-10-09 58.1MB 12
LEGO Rock Band "Queen" Trailer 21-10-09 62.3MB 8
Rabbids Go Home "Meet The Dog" Gameplay Trailer 21-10-09 43.6MB 5
Rabbids Go Home "Dogs" Gameplay Trailer 21-10-09 67.5MB 2
Jak and Daxter PSP Gameplay Trailer 21-10-09 89.7MB 6
Dark Void "Capcom Telsa Sweepstakes" Trailer 21-10-09 197.6MB 4
NIDA Online Client v090922 20-10-09 780.2MB 10
Pirates, Vikings and Knights 2 v2.2 Mod for Half-Life 2 19-10-09 459.1MB 46
Marvel Superhero Squad "Wolverine and Thor" Gameplay Trailer 19-10-09 8.6MB 17
Marvel Superhero Squad "Captain America and Hulk" Gameplay Trailer 19-10-09 16.8MB 12
Marvel Superhero Squad "Ironman and Storm" Gameplay Trailer 19-10-09 33.2MB 9
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 "Psylocke" Trailer 19-10-09 50.9MB 4
Painkiller: Resurrection Launch Trailer 19-10-09 40.2MB 24
Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars "Zero and Batsu" Trailer 19-10-09 54.2MB 12
Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars "Joe and Jun" Trailer 19-10-09 57.5MB 3
Cricket Revolution Cinematic Trailer 19-10-09 29.9MB 8
Cricket Revolution "Beta Highlights" Trailer 19-10-09 53.9MB 4
New Super Mario Bros Gameplay Trailer 16-10-09 92.3MB 43
C.O.P. The Recruit Gameplay Trailer 16-10-09 11.6MB 12
Mushroom Wars PSN Trailer #2 16-10-09 12MB 2
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