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Death Stranding on PC - A Stunning Odyssey
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Usenet Downloads:
In addition to making files available for download via our awesome high-speed web servers, we also post some of them to Usenet, offering another super-fast option for speed-hungry gamers to get the latest files.

What is Usenet?
Giganews Newsgroups Usenet is a global network - one of the oldest Internet services - that provides a method for users to retrieve information from a huge variety of different newsgroups.

Originally a service for text-based discussion and information, Usenet has evolved to now include a huge variety of 'binary' groups - regular files that are posted in such a way that they're downloadable by any user. These days, just about every single file imaginable, of every single type, is able to be found on Usenet.

The files AusGamers posts to Usenet are exactly the sames as the ones that you'll download from us directly - you'll just be able to get them (probably) faster.

What do I need to download from Usenet?
You need two things:
  • A Usenet account - you can get a free trial from Giganews, a premier provider with excellent retention and super-fast download speeds that will almost certainly max out your connection.
  • Software to download from Usenet - you can find out what you need and how to use it in our Usenet HOWTO!

Latest Usenet/NZBs

Summary Date sorting desc Size Downloads
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24 [Taiwanese] 06-08-09 26.6MB 144
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24 [Chinese] 06-08-09 26.4MB 297
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24 [Deutsch/German] 06-08-09 24.2MB 867
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24 [French] 06-08-09 24.2MB 272
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24 [Italian] 06-08-09 24.6MB 249
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24 [Japanese] 06-08-09 24.6MB 79
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24 [Korean] 06-08-09 25.2MB 458
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24 [Polish] 06-08-09 33.3MB 532
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24 [Russian] 06-08-09 26.6MB 1020
Kuso Party Client v1.1.00.02 07-08-09 121.5MB 62
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Demo 12-08-09 1.1GB 2223
Wonderking Client Round 2 CBT Client 12-08-09 382.7MB 613
Rage Quakecon 2009 Trailer 14-08-09 115.8MB 122
Fairytale Fights Teaser Trailer #3 14-08-09 65.2MB 3
Planet 51 GamesCom 2009 Trailer 21-08-09 130.5MB 6
Mario & Sonic at the Winter Olympics 2010 GamesCom 2009 Trailer 21-08-09 127.9MB 28
Mount and Blade: Warband GamesCom 2009 Trailer 21-08-09 89.6MB 37
Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim GamesCom 2009 Trailer 21-08-09 43.6MB 10
Supreme Ruler 2020 Gold GamesCom 2009 Trailer 21-08-09 40.4MB 13
Ship Simulator 2010: Extremes GamesCom 2009 Trailer 21-08-09 39.1MB 595
East India Company: Privateer GamesCom 2009 Debut Trailer 21-08-09 33.1MB 12
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker GamesCom 2009 Trailer 21-08-09 196.4MB 68
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm BlizzCon 2009 Debut Trailer 22-08-09 105.1MB 225
Heroes Over Europe "Environments" Trailer 27-08-09 60.9MB 3
Order of War "Tank" Trailer 27-08-09 150MB 15
Beaterator "Timbaland" Trailer 30-08-09 142.2MB 1
DiRT 2 "World Tour" Trailer 30-08-09 89.6MB 15
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 2 "The Last Stand" Trailer 30-08-09 73.4MB 66
Guitar Hero 5 "Kurt Cobain" Trailer 30-08-09 58.3MB 8
Trials HD "Crashes" Trailer 30-08-09 41.7MB 5
Blur "Youtube Mashup" Trailer 30-08-09 20.2MB 9
Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time "Space Exploration" Dev Diary Trailer 30-08-09 20.3MB 23
Heroes of Newerth Debut Trailer 30-08-09 86.6MB 117
Red Stone Client v07082008 02-09-09 578.1MB 15
GunBound WC Client v819 [International] 02-09-09 288.5MB 1606
Modern Warfare 2 "Flag Runner" Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer 02-09-09 48.6MB 171
Dark Void "Gold 4 Jetpack" Trailer 02-09-09 70.1MB 4
NBA Live 10 "Gameplay Advancements" Trailer 02-09-09 55.9MB 13
Mini Ninjas Launch Trailer 04-09-09 82.9MB 5
Twin Sector GamesCom 2009 Teaser Trailer 04-09-09 35.9MB 6
Twin Sector Gameplay Trailer 04-09-09 33.8MB 8
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles PAX 2009 Gameplay Trailer #1 04-09-09 176MB 12
Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles PAX 2009 Gameplay Trailer #2 04-09-09 163.6MB 12
MySims Agents Dev Diary Trailer 04-09-09 53MB 7
Legends of Qin Trailer 04-09-09 22.4MB 15
Beaterator Debut Trailer 04-09-09 96.6MB 18
Ion Assault "Multiplayer" Launch Trailer 05-10-09 47.1MB 2
Obscure: The Aftermath PSP Trailer 05-10-09 22.9MB 8
Dragon Age: Origins "Creating a Living World" Trailer 06-10-09 216.7MB 26
A Boy And His Blob Gameplay Trailer 06-10-09 224.7MB 4
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