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Death's Door is a surprise hit from a small team who've poured their heart and souls into this Zelda-like. And it's glorious!
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We sit down with Ripple Effect to talk about Battlefield Portal, the mode that brings classic maps, modes, and factions from 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3
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Usenet Downloads:
In addition to making files available for download via our awesome high-speed web servers, we also post some of them to Usenet, offering another super-fast option for speed-hungry gamers to get the latest files.

What is Usenet?
Giganews Newsgroups Usenet is a global network - one of the oldest Internet services - that provides a method for users to retrieve information from a huge variety of different newsgroups.

Originally a service for text-based discussion and information, Usenet has evolved to now include a huge variety of 'binary' groups - regular files that are posted in such a way that they're downloadable by any user. These days, just about every single file imaginable, of every single type, is able to be found on Usenet.

The files AusGamers posts to Usenet are exactly the sames as the ones that you'll download from us directly - you'll just be able to get them (probably) faster.

What do I need to download from Usenet?
You need two things:
  • A Usenet account - you can get a free trial from Giganews, a premier provider with excellent retention and super-fast download speeds that will almost certainly max out your connection.
  • Software to download from Usenet - you can find out what you need and how to use it in our Usenet HOWTO!

Latest Usenet/NZBs

Summary sorting desc Date Size Downloads
Dark Void "Gold 4 Jetpack" Trailer 02-09-09 70.1MB 4
Darkspore "Multiplayer" Trailer 03-12-10 199.6MB 14
Dead Space 2 "Horror and Action" Dev Diary Trailer 07-12-10 319.9MB 7
Dead Space 2 "Multiplayer" Dev Diary Trailer 07-12-10 358.8MB 13
Dead Space: Extraction SDCC 2009 Gameplay Trailer #1 31-07-09 21.2MB 14
Dead Space: Extraction SDCC 2009 Gameplay Trailer #2 31-07-09 20.9MB 11
Debian v6.0.0 i386 DVD ISO Disc 1 07-02-11 4.4GB 88
Debian v6.0.0 i386 DVD ISO Disc 2 08-02-11 4.4GB 228
Debian v6.0.0 i386 ISO Disc 1 07-02-11 642.4MB 14
Debian v6.0.0 i386 ISO Disc 2 07-02-11 641.1MB 17
Defense Grid: The Awakening Launch Trailer 29-07-09 179.4MB 2
Diablo 3 "Demon Hunter" Cinematic Trailer 23-10-10 165.4MB 266
Diablo 3 Blizzcon 2010 Gameplay Trailer 23-10-10 749.1MB 348
Diablo 3 Blizzcon 2011 "Black Soulstone" Cinematic Trailer 22-10-11 35.7MB 262
DiRT 2 "World Tour" Trailer 30-08-09 89.6MB 15
DiRT 2 Wii Trailer 24-06-09 60MB 17
DJ Hero Intro Cinematic Trailer 13-10-09 123.7MB 41
Dragon Age 2 High Resolution Texture Pack 08-03-11 1.1GB 814
Dragon Age: Origins "Blood Dragon Armor" Trailer 09-10-09 50.5MB 32
Dragon Age: Origins "Brood Mother" Trailer 09-10-09 32.5MB 18
Dragon Age: Origins "Creating a Living World" Trailer 06-10-09 216.7MB 26
Dragon Age: Origins "Sacred Ashes" Cinematic Trailer 13-10-09 234.2MB 319
Dragonica Gameplay Trailer #3 19-06-09 16.3MB 7
Droplitz Dev Walkthrough Trailer 09-07-09 134.4MB 2
EA Sports MMA Sizzle Trailer 10-11-09 11.1MB 14
East India Company: Privateer GamesCom 2009 Debut Trailer 21-08-09 33.1MB 12
Eudemons Online Client v1237 23-10-09 1002.8MB 285
Evil Genious Trailer 13-07-09 40.8MB 8
F.E.A.R. 3 Announcement Trailer 12-04-10 130.3MB 41
Fairytale Fights Teaser Trailer #3 14-08-09 65.2MB 3
Fallout 3 Patch v1.6 [US] 24-06-09 50.9MB 922
Far Cry 2 Patch v1.03 04-06-09 60MB 4485
Fedora 14 i386 DVD ISO 03-11-10 3.3GB 426
Fedora 14 i386 ISO Disc 1 03-11-10 672.8MB 59
Fedora 15 i386 DVD ISO 25-05-11 3.4GB 150
Fedora 15 x86_64 DVD ISO 25-05-11 3.3GB 155
FIFA 10 Debut Teaser Trailer 02-07-09 58.1MB 39
FIFA Manager 10 Debut Trailer 06-07-09 33.9MB 19
Fight Night Round 4 "Tyson vs Ali" Trailer 06-10-09 42.8MB 8
Firearms: Source v1.0e Mod for Half-Life 2 06-09-10 836.7MB 930
Firefox Portable Edition v3.5.5 for Windows 07-11-09 8.9MB 60
Firefox v3.5.5 for Linux 06-11-09 9.5MB 10
Firefox v3.5.5 for Mac OS X 06-11-09 17.7MB 8
Firefox v3.5.5 for Windows 06-11-09 7.7MB 57
Firefox v3.5.6 for Windows 17-12-09 7.7MB 26
Firefox v3.6 beta 1 for Mac OS X 01-11-09 18.5MB 2
Firefox v3.6 beta 1 for Windows 01-11-09 8MB 5
Firefox v3.6.11 for Windows 26-10-10 8.2MB 15
Firefox v3.6.12 for Windows 29-10-10 8.2MB 21
Flock It! Launch Trailer 21-10-09 136.6MB 2
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