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Usenet Downloads:
In addition to making files available for download via our awesome high-speed web servers, we also post some of them to Usenet, offering another super-fast option for speed-hungry gamers to get the latest files.

What is Usenet?
Giganews Newsgroups Usenet is a global network - one of the oldest Internet services - that provides a method for users to retrieve information from a huge variety of different newsgroups.

Originally a service for text-based discussion and information, Usenet has evolved to now include a huge variety of 'binary' groups - regular files that are posted in such a way that they're downloadable by any user. These days, just about every single file imaginable, of every single type, is able to be found on Usenet.

The files AusGamers posts to Usenet are exactly the sames as the ones that you'll download from us directly - you'll just be able to get them (probably) faster.

What do I need to download from Usenet?
You need two things:
  • A Usenet account - you can get a free trial from Giganews, a premier provider with excellent retention and super-fast download speeds that will almost certainly max out your connection.
  • Software to download from Usenet - you can find out what you need and how to use it in our Usenet HOWTO!

Latest Usenet/NZBs

Summary Date sorting desc Size Downloads
Settlers: Rise of an Empire Patch v1.2 Hotfix 05-11-07 656kB 61
Zu Online Client v1.9.02 25-02-09 1.1GB 70
Zu Online Patch v1.8.03 to v1.9.02 25-02-09 77.3MB 11
Call of Duty: World at War Map Pack 1 Patch v1.4 10-04-09 581.4MB 157165
Rakion Client v485 [International] 20-04-09 436.1MB 67000
Virtua Tennis 2009 "Launch" Trailer 01-06-09 48.5MB 9
Karahan Online Open Beta Client 01-06-09 2GB 20985
Star Wars: The Old Republic E3 2009 Cinematic Trailer 02-06-09 257.9MB 755
Super Mario Galaxy 2 E3 2009 Trailer 03-06-09 47.4MB 347
New Super Mario Brothers E3 2009 Trailer 03-06-09 34MB 50
PES 2010 E3 2009 Trailer 03-06-09 25.6MB 78
Far Cry 2 Patch v1.03 04-06-09 60MB 4481
Wet E3 2009 Trailer 04-06-09 79.6MB 20
Virtua Tennis 2009 UK TV Spot Trailer 18-06-09 67.8MB 12
Blood Bowl Launch Trailer 18-06-09 37.5MB 14
Guitar Hero Greatest Hits Launch Trailer 18-06-09 28.4MB 16
Worms 2: Armageddon XBLA Debut Trailer 18-06-09 43.3MB 33
Three Kingdoms Client 19-06-09 698.2MB 3673
Wallace and Gromit: Grand Adventures - Muzzled Trailer 19-06-09 44.2MB 8
IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey Gameplay Trailer 19-06-09 33.6MB 22
Dragonica Gameplay Trailer #3 19-06-09 16.3MB 7
Project Reality Patch v0.86 Mod for Battlefield 2 20-06-09 332.5MB 630
Lord of the Rings On Volume 2 Patch Book 7 to Book 8 [US/AU] 20-06-09 596.2MB 58
Alien Arena 2009 v7.30 for Windows 20-06-09 200MB 55
Project Reality v0.86 Levels 20-06-09 1.4GB 384
Project Reality v0.86 Client Core 20-06-09 1.8GB 406
Grand Theft Auto 4 Patch v1.0.4.0 22-06-09 54.7MB 1687
World in Conflict Patch v1.010 to v1.011 [US/AU] 23-06-09 400.3MB 1329
World in Conflict Patch v1.010 to v1.011 [UK] 23-06-09 400.3MB 247
MySims Agents Wii Teaser Trailer 24-06-09 7MB 4
DiRT 2 Wii Trailer 24-06-09 60MB 17
Fallout 3 Patch v1.6 [US] 24-06-09 50.9MB 921
World of Warcraft v3.2 PTR Coliseum 25-06-09 1.2GB 893
wget v1.11.4 for Windows 26-06-09 392kB 105
Overlord Minions DS Launch Trailer 26-06-09 42.9MB 3
Gothic 2 Ironkeep Community Patch v1.0a 26-06-09 21.1MB 171
Blood Bowl Patch v1.0.1.0 26-06-09 16.2MB 53
Tales of Pirates Online Client v2.00 26-06-09 417.8MB 37
ARMA 2 Patch v1.02 28-06-09 120.7MB 744
Voyage Century Online Client v0.63 28-06-09 1.5GB 9
Scooby Doo: First Frights Debut Trailer 29-06-09 8.1MB 15
RAN Online Closed Beta Client v1 29-06-09 660.4MB 764
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Launch Trailer 30-06-09 135.7MB 9
Starcraft 2 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer 01-07-09 161.3MB 104
Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood Launch Trailer 01-07-09 156.7MB 10
Fuel PC Launch Trailer 01-07-09 59.8MB 5
Furry Legends Trailer 01-07-09 129.8MB 3
Men of War: Red Tide Debut Trailer 01-07-09 94.7MB 17
XIII Century: Blood of Europe Debut Trailer 01-07-09 61.9MB 10
FIFA 10 Debut Teaser Trailer 02-07-09 58.1MB 39
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