18 years after the conclusion of Shenmue II, Yu Suzuki returns with the long-awaited crowdfunded sequel - decades in the making.
Shenmue III Review - Party Like its 1999
We sit down with Hearthstone’s Lead Designer Dean Ayala and Producer Melissa Corning to discuss the new dragon-themed set, the new Auto Chess inspired Battlegrounds, and more.
Hearthstone: Descent of Dragons - Blizzard on the New Expansion
We sit down with Game Director Jeff Kaplan and Lead Designer Geoff Goodman to discuss story versus PvP, sound design, Push, and the game’s interesting launch plans.
Overwatch 2 – The Big Interview
We've run Red Dead Redemption 2 through its PC paces as the series finally lands on the Desktop platform!
Red Dead Redemption 2 is Finally on PC - How Does it Fare?
Usenet Downloads:
In addition to making files available for download via our awesome high-speed web servers, we also post some of them to Usenet, offering another super-fast option for speed-hungry gamers to get the latest files.

What is Usenet?
Giganews Newsgroups Usenet is a global network - one of the oldest Internet services - that provides a method for users to retrieve information from a huge variety of different newsgroups.

Originally a service for text-based discussion and information, Usenet has evolved to now include a huge variety of 'binary' groups - regular files that are posted in such a way that they're downloadable by any user. These days, just about every single file imaginable, of every single type, is able to be found on Usenet.

The files AusGamers posts to Usenet are exactly the sames as the ones that you'll download from us directly - you'll just be able to get them (probably) faster.

What do I need to download from Usenet?
You need two things:
  • A Usenet account - you can get a free trial from Giganews, a premier provider with excellent retention and super-fast download speeds that will almost certainly max out your connection.
  • Software to download from Usenet - you can find out what you need and how to use it in our Usenet HOWTO!

Latest Usenet/NZBs

Summary Date Size Downloads sorting desc
GOG.com Revival "Chapter 2 - What is the New GOG.com?" Video 24-09-10 41.4MB 0
Super Monkey Ball Step & Roll Gameplay Trailer #2 20-11-09 139.1MB 1
WWE All Stars "Swagger Finish" Trailer 22-02-11 16.9MB 1
U-Sing Debut Trailer 07-10-09 48.6MB 1
GOG.com Revival "Chapter 0 - We Apologize" Video 24-09-10 14MB 1
Beaterator "Timbaland" Trailer 30-08-09 142.2MB 1
MicroVolts Client v0.8.6.11 28-10-11 734.6MB 1
Mushroom Wars PSN Trailer #2 16-10-09 12MB 2
Ion Assault "Multiplayer" Launch Trailer 05-10-09 47.1MB 2
Defense Grid: The Awakening Launch Trailer 29-07-09 179.4MB 2
Droplitz Dev Walkthrough Trailer 09-07-09 134.4MB 2
Rabbids Go Home "Dogs" Gameplay Trailer 21-10-09 67.5MB 2
Firefox v3.6 beta 1 for Mac OS X 01-11-09 18.5MB 2
Flock It! Launch Trailer 21-10-09 136.6MB 2
GOG.com Revival "Chapter 1 - What is GOG.com?" Video 24-09-10 22.4MB 2
Bloody Good Time Launch Trailer 29-10-10 145.9MB 2
Fairytale Fights Teaser Trailer #3 14-08-09 65.2MB 3
Overlord Minions DS Launch Trailer 26-06-09 42.9MB 3
Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars "Joe and Jun" Trailer 19-10-09 57.5MB 3
Heroes Over Europe "Environments" Trailer 27-08-09 60.9MB 3
Furry Legends Trailer 01-07-09 129.8MB 3
Warcraft 3 Patch v1.24d for Mac OS X [Japanese] 25-01-10 31.9MB 3
Halfbrick Rocket Racing Debut Trailer 02-07-09 35.9MB 3
NCAA Basketball 10 "Motion Offense" Sizzle Trailer 28-10-09 31.2MB 4
Dark Void "Gold 4 Jetpack" Trailer 02-09-09 70.1MB 4
A Boy And His Blob Gameplay Trailer 06-10-09 224.7MB 4
Cricket Revolution "Beta Highlights" Trailer 19-10-09 53.9MB 4
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 "Psylocke" Trailer 19-10-09 50.9MB 4
LEGO Rock Band "David Bowie" Trailer 07-10-09 113.2MB 4
Ion Assault XBLA Trailer 09-07-09 90.1MB 4
Skate 3 "Industrial District" Dev Diary Trailer 03-02-10 369.2MB 4
Dark Void "Capcom Telsa Sweepstakes" Trailer 21-10-09 197.6MB 4
King Arthur Dev Diary #3 Trailer 09-10-09 353.4MB 4
Game Party 3 Debut Trailer 09-10-09 31.7MB 4
GOG.com Revival "Chapter 3 - New Publisher Announcement" Video 24-09-10 23.3MB 4
Split/Second: Velocity "Making Of" Trailer 28-04-10 282.5MB 4
Daisy Fuentes Pilates Debut Trailer 31-07-09 33.6MB 4
Madden NFL 10 SDCC 2009 Wii Gameplay Trailer #1 31-07-09 31.3MB 4
MySims Agents Wii Teaser Trailer 24-06-09 7MB 4
Free Realms "Soccer" Trailer 06-10-09 81.6MB 5
Where The Wild Things Are: The Videogame "Characters" Trailer 06-10-09 30.7MB 5
Mini Ninjas Launch Trailer 04-09-09 82.9MB 5
Rabbids Go Home "Meet The Dog" Gameplay Trailer 21-10-09 43.6MB 5
Firefox v3.6 beta 1 for Windows 01-11-09 8MB 5
Rocket Knight Debut Trailer 21-10-09 19.9MB 5
Fuel PC Launch Trailer 01-07-09 59.8MB 5
Planet 51 "Lem" Trailer 22-10-09 107.2MB 5
Guardians of Graxia "Introduction" Dev Walkthrough Trailer 11-11-10 57.7MB 5
Trials HD "Crashes" Trailer 30-08-09 41.7MB 5
Renault-Trucks Racing "Trucks" Trailer 06-10-09 75.1MB 6
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