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Summary: Battlegrounds v1.2.1 Mod for Half-Life
Date: 17 Dec 03
Filename: bg-1.2.1.exe
Size: 103.8MB (108,835,987 bytes)
Downloads: 5654
Last Download: 402 days ago
More info:
BG 1.2 to 1.2.1 Changelog

The biggest change is that The Battle Grounds is now an open source modification. You are free to contribute changes or fixes to the Battle Grounds if you so desire. You are also free to use code from the Battle Grounds or base new modifications off it as long as in doing so you become open source yourself. More details can be found inside license.txt in the BG directory.


* Added bg_linebattle
* Added logging for capture points
* Added logging for team scoring
* Added logging for damage taken away
* Added new HUD element - the hintbox
* Added progressive spawning entity to allow for more dynamic maps
* Added melee only cvar (option for only melee weapons to work) (community contribution)
* Added stationary reload cvar (community contribution)
* Added cvar to turn off voice commands (community contribution)
* Added cvars to record each team's score
* Added messages informing players that they can't join class due to class limits in place on the server
* Added display of overall team score in HUD element
* Added in-game configuration via the command menu
* Added gamestartup.mp3 for steam compatibility
* Added steam splash screen
* Added GPL license notice on map load
* Added bg_bunkerhill.wad
* Added status bar ala CS, DOD and TFC
* Added new powder horn model on all weapon models
* Added new tower sea pistol model
* Added new hands on all weapon models
* Added cvar to use a static crosshair rather than the default dynamic one
* Added ability for mappers to order their capture points in the HUD
* Added class statistics being shown after spawning
* Added sounds for steam menus
* Added new underwater HUD sprite


* Fixed some capture points getting "stuck" when overloaded by a large amount of players
* Fixed hit and capture messages not showing up in steam
* Fixed reload sound continuing after death
* Fixed reload sound remaining stationary while you moved away
* Fixed mp_pausetime not obeying the maximum limit
* Fixed win conditions for mp_respawnstyle 2
* Fixed kill messages spacing out after multiple deaths being displayed
* Fixed gun sound playing and reload working after out of ammo
* Fixed scoreboard using next respawn's class name after changing class
* Fixed continuous respawning problem on pre 1.2 maps
* Fixed word order bug in the hit message
* Fixed double "the" on south wall has been broken text on bg_bunkerhill
* Fixed spawning in hill on battlefield
* Fixed hitting a spectator would give a hit message
* Fixed ammo history not showing when spawning
* Fixed some class names being truncated in the console
* Fixed you will spawn as spectators bug after choosing a class
* Fixed run animation being used while reloading
* Fixed map bugs in bg_snowlake, bg_valley, bg_battlefield, bg_forestroad and bg_bunkerhill


* Modified freedom sound so that it isn't ferociously loud
* Modified reloading speed so that it isn't dependant on stamina, but that it halves your speed instead
* Modified scoreboard display, so that deaths isn't include and you can only see your damage
* Modified scoreboard to be ordered by capture points
* Modified brownbess and charleville accuracy to be the same standing as while crouching
* Modified all guns to have crouching moving as the most inaccurate position
* Modified default server.cfg to include a temp fix for the hlds exploit
* Modified default server.cfg to use class limits on sniper classes to better balance pubs
* Modified user.scr and server.scr to provide more options to be tweaked before joining/creating a server
* Modified bg_battlefield cannons to target each other (death to the campers )
* Modified spawn areas in bg_forestroad
* Modified player model skins to provide more model detail
* Modified weapon models to provide more model detail
* Modified overviews to show spawns, capture points and progressive spawning areas
* Modified reload sounds
* Modified default settings so all forms of server side autoaim are off


* Tweaked accuracies on most guns to improve balancing
* Tweaked class speeds and guns speeds to improve balancing
* Tweaked dynamic crosshair for better response and more accurate results
* Tweaked weapon animations to remove some bugs and visual errors


* Removed third person mode as it had a multitude of exploits
* Removed health dependency of the dynamic crosshair

Added Map Models:

* Added 120 different stone models to provide extra variety in maps
* Added more tree map models
* Added more barrel map models
* Added new bush map models
* Added other miscellaneous new map models
MD5 Sum: e509578f0bf54e64a4757b037b182ced
SHA1 Sum: 692eefc01ef6d4a19af35039e4a4755cf00560d2