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Summary: Max Payne 2: Bonus Chapters
Date: 29 Oct 03
Size: 10.9MB (11,445,452 bytes)
Downloads: 224
Last Download: 7 days ago
More info:
Extract and run the file named MaxPayne2BonusChapters.exe to install the Bonus Chapters.

Installing Bonus Chapters release adds two more Dead Man Walking Chapters into Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.

Run the game and two new Chapters will be available under "New Game/Dead Man Walking" menu selection. Keep in mind that Dead Man Walking gameplay mode is only unlocked after you've completed the game for the first time.

The new maps are:
* Upper East Side
* Mona's Playground
MD5 Sum: a8922279120acce636e5ac9b045b2181
SHA1 Sum: bb27a993b6ac53069f42ff6a36282248205d528b
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