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Summary: True Combat Patch v1.0 to v1.1
Date: 28 Oct 03
Size: 62.9MB (65,916,264 bytes)
Downloads: 2196
Last Download: 723 days ago
More info:
As promised, Team Terminator has taken the best and most advanced of the 3rd party maps out there, piled them together with stable new server configs and a working mapcycle and is proud to release True Combat 1.1 to the public. We do hope that this patch will resolve some of the rather ugly broken cycles and screwed settings on the server thus giving more reliabilty and enjoyabilty to you.

Important things about this patch:

This patch does not contain any new code, weapons or bugfixes. It is just to spread the quality maps and to improve the server situation.
The patch ( 63 mb ) includes 7 improved or unaltered versions of the following custom maps: skirmish, snowbridge, cityheat, gunstore, forest, mansion and fortress. The custom mappers are 5th Horsemen, Liquid, FinnishBeret and myself.
Also included are 4 new sets of configs along with the mapcycle:
- 1 life mission ( 1life.cfg and 1lifecycle.cfg )
- 3 life mission ( 3 life.cfg and 3lifecycle.cfg )
- unlimited lifes mission ( inflife.cfg and inflifecycle.cfg )
- ctf ( ctf.cfg and ctfcycle.cfg )
to launch the server, just run a dedicated server then input for example /exec 1life.cfg, hit return and enter /exec 1lifecycle.cfg.
To change the map, simply enter /vstr mapnumber as defined in the cycle:

map1 ctc_forest
map2 ctc_cityheat
map3 ctc_fortress
map4 ctc_gunstoremx
map5 ctc_mansion
map6 tc_fracture
map7 tc_nuke
map8 tc_bahamut
map9 tc_deadlyxmas
map10 tc_harbour
map11 tc_closecombat
map12 tc_prison
map13 ctc_skirmish
map14 ctc_snowbridge

The new maps are named ctc_mapname ( for custom True Combat )
Please also remove old versions of the maps - though you do not need to remove the retro-pack.pk3 if you want to keep tc_redust but old version of 5th maps will give you texture bugs.
MD5 Sum: cba47603911e42cf266a06fa80426a17
SHA1 Sum: ca4b20278da227737f8747f959927d4b98c05b0a