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Summary: Futuremarks 3D Mark Benchmark v1.4.780 #2
Date: 02 Dec 14
Filename: 3DMark-v1-4-828.zip
Size: 1.5GB (1,653,842,058 bytes)
Downloads: 71
Last Download: 946 days ago
More info: http://www.futuremark.com/download/?3dmark03.shtml
3DMark Windows v1.4.828
December 1, 2014

This is a minor update. Benchmark scores are unaffected.
SystemInfo module updated to 4.32 for improved hardware detection.
Reduced hardware monitoring overhead (was already negligible).
Product key is no longer visible on the Help tab unless you choose to reveal it.
Fixed a memory access violation issue with Ice Storm and Cloud Gate that could occasionally cause crashes in stress testing scenarios.
Letterboxed mode now retains 16:9 aspect ratio even when selecting a non-default Output Resolution on the Help tab.
Professional Edition only
Fixed the "No outputs found on DXGI adapter" issue in the Command Line application affecting laptops with NVIDIA Optimus graphics switching technology.
Fixed custom_x.3dmdef files to use the centered scaling mode by default.
You can now change the scaling mode from a .3dmdef file and via command line.
MD5 Sum: bfc1cd087fdf14d13e5f2506ecccfc9c
SHA1 Sum: 2e944270e36f372673bc730f98c27663b7218683