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Summary: Live For Speed Demo S1
Date: 18 Jul 03
Size: 140.6MB (147,466,010 bytes)
Downloads: 21818
Last Download: 7 hours ago
More info:
Live for speed S1 is the first non-demo release of S1, it includes 4 more cars, and more tracks. Also more features. The S1 download acts as the demo version, with only 3 cars and 1 track with 3 variations, until you order the game through the website and request a key. Two more releases (S2 and S3) are to be planned for Live For Speed, depending on the sucess of S1.
MD5 Sum: d701d4d67c13a1c082d133889cfdfb8a
SHA1 Sum: 8735ce88f8e8179cd7c7f4a748284a86b2f8a59c