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Summary: Skyjacker Kickstarter Demo
Date: 18 Oct 13
Size: 1.1GB (1,181,946,999 bytes)
Downloads: 343
Last Download: 520 days ago
More info:
SKYJACKER is a 1st person free-roaming space combat game with incredibly high dynamics and freedom
of the gameplay, which you‘ve never seen in any other space combat game before!

In SKYJACKER the player controls a space pirate, roaming space in his starship. Game objectives are:
- Be the real space pirate, flying, shooting, robbing and crashing alien ships all around the Galaxy
- Collect the loot to improve your own spacecraft
- Climb the criminal ladder, getting higher ranks

Space combat is a large focus of this game. The ability to break any in-game objects into their component parts is the key factor of space battle in SKYJACKER. The player has to use all his skills and talents in tandem with battle features of his spacecraft to achieve mission goals. Such factors as 4 models of the flight, vehicle physical parameters and weaponry settings have a direct influence on the combat result. The player is motivated to progress in all aspects of the game to win his space battles.
MD5 Sum: 2ac1f3afafcd3da0e36872529963c22d
SHA1 Sum: 171e6a7872e3c1fea5a4e2806c5fb04eb0fb11a8