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Summary: Wayward Beta v1.5 for Linux 64-Bit
Date: 26 Sep 13
Size: 56.6MB (59,319,896 bytes)
Downloads: 10
Last Download: 144 days ago
More info:
Beta 1.5
Released September 22nd, 2013

Weapon durability now only decreases if you do at least 1 damage.
Items quickslotted will now re-quickslot on use if available from your inventory.
There’s now a “Save and Exit” option.
Confirm yes/no dialogs added for “End Current Game”, “Delete All Game Data” and traveling options.
Fixed particle locations for ranged combat and fishing.
You can now cast your Fishing Rod or Fishing Net without targeting a fish in specific. This can sometimes return seaweed or “wanted/unwanted” attention.
Fixed an “undefined” error that would pop-up when ever you attempted to attack a creature for 0 damage.
You can now attempt to attack a fish normally; however, as it’s underwater, it may be hard to kill with lesser weaponry. It’s suggested to still using Fishing Rods or Fishing Nets to catch them.
Spears are no longer “Fishing” items, instead they are now “Throwing” weapons.
You no longer move to fire bows (yes, there’s more than one now!), instead, you can double click to fire them (provided you have the ammunition).
Throwing/Shooting range re-balanced. Certain items now also have varying ranges and attack values.
Equipping and moving items from/to containers now takes a turn.
Projectiles and bows now reduce in durability on use.
You can now take damage from fighting bare-handed.
Aberrant monsters now spawn (more at night/in caves/on treasure). They are doubly as strong (both defense/attack), always hostile, and can potentially drop rare items.
Sound and music system has been reworked. There is now no flash fallback at all. The new system will reduce the performance issues that happen after playing for a long time. Loading will also now be faster, and will use less bandwidth (if playing the browser version).
Game artwork and illustration screens are now full height/width.
Fixed an error when monsters walked over Hobgoblin set traps.
Fixed a bug where the minimap would not scale on smaller resolutions.
Water routing is more consistently easier to do now.
Fixed a vulnerability bug with Skeletons.
Fixed some blurry game elements on some browsers when zoomed in.
“Pour” can also be used for gardening (or watering plants).
Milestone system has been implemented. Special bonuses are given out on obtaining each one. More milestones will appear each release.
Skills no longer update if skills window is closed (performance).
Resource gathering bonuses now depend much less on attack value of weapon(s) or tools used. Much more important are weapon to tool damage types. Blunt has bonuses for Mining, while Slashing has bonuses for Lumberjacking.
Fixed a bug where you could lose items by drag/dropping them into a crafting filter.
Fixed a bug where you couldn’t drag/drop items from equipment or quickslot into container directly.
Requirements now are shown in red in the tool-tip if you do not have the item, or enough items for the craft.
Chickens can now drop feathers from movement.
Monster spawn cycle is now faster, and now progressively gets faster the longer you play.
Fixed a bug where you would try to interact with shallow water instead of the water still on top of it while using a Waterskin.
Gathering snow from a Waterskin now uses up the snow tile.
Ore veins now have the potential to be double the size.
Arrow weights re-balanced.
Fixed a bug where you could plant over items or other plants. You will now attempt to drop plantable items on either of these failures now as well.
You can now control + right click to attempt to drop all of the same type of items on the ground/container. You can also hold control while drag/dropping items for the same effect between containers/inventory.
Fix to grammar for gaining/losing negative stat values.
Fixed a bug where torches were heavier than they were supposed to be. Animal Fat Torches are now much better than Bark Torches/Poor Torches.
Raft cycles no longer count the starting tile as part of the distance calculated.
The Auto-pickup option no longer disables the ability to pick-up items using spacebar/click character action.
There is now “fresh” water sources (in caves, ponds, oases) in which you can place into a Waterskin or Glass Bottle to drink directly. You can also boil fresh water to make it cleaner and less potentially hazardous to health. Fresh water does not need to be desalinated unlike sea/ocean water which still needs to be distilled using a still or Flask.
Fixed a bug where stone houses would appear in desert biomes. Stone houses are also now a bit more rare on the overworld.
Glass Bottles have been implemented as an accompaniment to Waterskins; they work in the same way.
A handful of new items have been introduced including a focus on Archery/Bowcrafting materials/weapons.
You now have a very good chance to water route if you dig near a water tile, especially if you Mining skill is high.
Starting characters now get a bit less strength potential, but a better variety of potential spawning items.
Fixed error when a monster would go out of map bounds.
Many decaying changes including: Melted Amber now reverts to Amber after some time. Poor Glue, Rotting Vegetation, Rotten Meat now all decay. Many items now decay into nothing instead of the Rotting Vegetation default (mushrooms for example).
Jelly Cube’s are now resistant to slashing and blunt instead of slashing and piercing.
Items with a durability of 1 or less now show up in red in your inventory/equipment/quickslots.
Monsters will now produce sound effects and messages when getting trapped or trampling plant-life within your screen radius.
You will now only gain Trapping skill if the creature is damaged within your screen radius.
You can now use Pour items to douse all “lit” fire items, such as Furances, Kilns, etc.
Fixed multiple bugs with water still messages. Provided more helpful messages for all water pouring and still usage.
Animal Fat is now a Fuel-like and a Combustible item.
Sharks and Trout now re-spawn over time.
A Lit Animal Fat Torch now has a different graphic than A Lit Bark Torch.
Sharks no longer provide Bones, but have an extra Fishsteak.
You can now extinguish fire on trees and other flammable tiles using a “Pour” item.
All requirement items now have a durability. Meaning, you can’t just make one Mortar and Pestle and have it last entire game any longer for example.
Thirst/hunger reduction slowed down a bit more (balance).
Waterskins can now be found on loot and within houses (balance).
The inventory now also has a filter option for name/group.
Fixed a bug that shown “Damage Type:” in the wrong location on the tool-tip.
Fixed a bug that always focused on the crafting filter when you opened the inventory window.
MD5 Sum: 2f5f58dcfa1bca282527696a4d64c967
SHA1 Sum: 281679efddce5fc371b198f69e13f710b66c6de9