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Summary: DarthMod Napoleon v2.65 Mod for Napoleon: Total War
Date: 08 Apr 13
Filename: DarthMod_Napoleon_v2.65_Epic_Edition.exe
Size: 445MB (466,608,613 bytes)
Downloads: 14063
Last Download: 1 hours ago
More info: http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?t=...
DarthMod Napoleon "Epic Edition" got finally the last gameplay update called ++ (Two plus) which is based on the valuable feedback of many players.

What it includes:
Version 2.6++ "Epic Edition"
*Better Musket Accuracy Balance ideal for situations like "Ready... Aim... Fire!!!" ! Meaning that muskets are now better at close range fire due to more effective targeting calibration and you can rout units more easily with correctly timed volleys (as the AI).
*Formation improvements that make ΒΑΙ not to prefer so much the angled/flank attacks that could make it not use its artillery always properly.
*AI Diplomacy stances less strict so to give more breathing space to minor nations against the big nations.
*The AI should now attack/defend/make musket lines even more effectively. It should also use its reserves more efficiently.
*Tweaks in morale. Morale much more dynamic.
*Tweaks in combat animation mechanics.
*Rank fire available from the start of any campaign without the need of research.
*Garrison units have now special stats (Much better in defense, much worse in attack than their normal counterparts).
*Balanced better the naval battles damage & accuracy system.
*Balanced slightly better the Land battles projectile damage system.
*All buildings are 10 times more resilient against artillery so as not to be deathtraps for garrison as before.
*Mass changes for excellent battle realism, even greater than before!
*Annoying incidents in which there was zero lethality after musket, land or naval cannon fire are now fixed/balanced much better.
*Canister should have now straighter trajectories and generally will be more effective.
*AI should now flank with cavalry much more often.
*Greeks and Greek Rebels no longer speak Turkish as in Vanilla (English is now their voice, cannot be changed to something else better).
MD5 Sum: f690a2cde36dcc39cf48fac5bdc03cdf
SHA1 Sum: bf2680542d7a327fccdd1d8e6b53721b6ece925e