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Summary: Allods Online Lords of Destiny Client v4.0.00.63 [US]
Date: 27 Mar 13
Size: 5.9GB (6,311,717,506 bytes)
Downloads: 45
Last Download: 452 days ago
More info:
Allods Online is a free fantasy space opera MMORPG featuring an epic storyline set on the shattered world of Sarnaut, and the surrounding Astral Space. Players can explore the world, engage in PvP, PvE, Guild Battles and Astral Spaceship Battles. It is available completely free to download with no subscriptions at
MD5 Sum: 44981904cb53301201143d72a5ab8bc7
SHA1 Sum: 4491a97aad892cca341b759f2dcc7af9743f3903