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Summary: Assassin's Creed 3 Patch v1.04 [International]
Date: 16 Mar 13
Size: 54.5MB (57,165,809 bytes)
Downloads: 579
Last Download: 7 days ago
More info:
This patch will update the international disc (CD/DVD) edition of Assassin's Creed III to version 1.04.

Patch 1.04 changes:

· Added support for DLC “The Tyranny of King Washington: The Betrayal.”
· Using Wolves during combat no longer grants health regeneration.
· Wolf Pack pathing improved – wolves will find targets easier/faster.
· Wolf Power visual effects won’t trigger while in a haystack.
· Red visual effect on Guard Dogs now disappears when dog dies.
· Fixed an animation freeze when engaging Wolf Power while throwing a Ropedart.
· Player will no longer die when using Wolf Escape with low health.
· Fixed a rare bug where savegame details were imported from single-player game in the same slot.
· Fixed an issue where DLC would not be recognized unless a player is already signed into their account.
· Fixed an issue where trying to launch AC3 “Single Player” launches “The Tyranny of King Washington” if the player selects “Continue without saving” while in “The Tyranny of King Washington” section menu.

· It is no longer possible to get multiple streaks for the same kill or stun.
· It is no longer possible to continuously use a loss streak under certain conditions.
· After a character dies, their smoke bomb ability cooldown is not improperly reset anymore in Domination on Northwest Passage.
· The aiming FX for knives is no longer stuck on the screen if the ability is used while the character is walking in an idle state at the beginning of a session.
· Players can no longer use the Animus Hack when stunned.

· In Saint Pierre, Martinique characters no longer remain stuck inside the sugar cane field when trying to stun their pursuer under certain conditions.
· In Charlestown, the camera now works as intended when the player hides in a haystack under a roof.

· In Wolfpack, Players can now kill the final boss even if the last targets (in session 24) are killed with the Animus hack win streak.
· In Wolfpack, fixed a bug where the game could be stuck for a player at the start of a four players Wolfpack session on the night version of the Charlestown map.
· In Wolfpack, the extra objective now refreshes properly if the host leaves the session when the synchronized kill staging starts.
· In Domination, fixed instances where the game could crash at the end of a session.
· In Domination, chase breakers in an enemy base don’t incorrectly open for a player fast walking towards them under certain conditions.
· In Assassinate, the lock is no longer cancelled when the pursuer enters a haystack.
· In Artifact Assault, the player no longer re-spawns with the flag if killed with a gun in mid-air while jumping in the enemy base under certain conditions.

· Players are no longer stuck under certain conditions after performing a contested kill at the base of a crane.
· Several issues which happened when the group leader would back from searching for game sessions have been corrected.
· Weather effects now work properly for all players in a session.
· The variety bonus counter is no longer broken under certain conditions.

· Some user interface overlap problems have been fixed.
· Improvements have been made to the Loyalty feature.
· A quick access to the Abstergo Store has been added. You can now access it from any screen by clicking on the wallet icon in your player profile area in the top right hand corner.
· A new tip about the Abstergo Store has been added.
MD5 Sum: 527fef3c657d2a87646bb268149e42f0
SHA1 Sum: e75798a81e10d9c19565092ec7998408aed72efa