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Summary: AGEOD's Alea Jacta Est Patch v1.02
Date: 09 Mar 13
Filename: aje_v102.zip
Size: 56.1MB (58,781,654 bytes)
Downloads: 8
Last Download: 3197 days ago
More info: http://www.a-acw.com/english/main.html
1 - due to DB improvements, this version is NOT SAVE COMPATIBLE
2 - The 1.02 version will be necessary to play all further expansions and DLC's

- Increased depot level of Trapezus and Eupatoria (MS87)
- reduced level of auto experience gain of units
- corrections in some flavour events (MS87 and GMW75 scenarios)
- trade events regeneration for PON faction corrected (GMW75 and MS87 scenarios)
- several textstrings corrections
- New POP leaders for Marian side in MS87 setup
- Fixed a issue with IA Choice in Severus Multi Choice Event.
- Storms: reduced the likeliness and added some better protection to ships (reduced losses)
- Pirates now at war with Sertorians in Great Mithridatic War

- engine update (fixes the issues of ranged combat in cities assaults (terrain will be the structure, not
the outlying terrain) and the immortal legatus.

- Out of home penalties removed for units (kept for some leaders) - still under evaluation
- Fixed Leaders Casualties issue ( Less 3 stars leader kill during battles).
- New DB with lots of new leaders added (with extra space reserve for future Mods and usage)

- New pictures for leaders and units added (modding)
- Added new cityscape sprites with fortification level indicated (for easier spotting of level value)
MD5 Sum: 96418b3880d256a19b434daaff8f66dd
SHA1 Sum: a31abfa384079c6fc66e97f430cbae3b1b249c4f