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Summary: Eve of Destruction v2.50 Mod for Battlefield 1942 Part 2/3
Date: 27 Aug 12
Filename: eod_250_client_2of3.exe
Size: 1.1GB (1,138,339,489 bytes)
Downloads: 392
Last Download: 16 days ago
More info: http://www.eodmod.com/
The "Eve Of Destruction" mod is a tribute to the U.S. , ARVN and Vietcong/NVA soldiers who fought and died in Vietnam, and also to the Vietnamese people.

It features a variety of weapons, over 40 brand new vehicles and diverse maps ranging from dense jungles to overgrown rice paddies.
MD5 Sum: 48db89799e342b9b303a27f46798a858
SHA1 Sum: b29fe49e7f2d2e571d57d433d39bf7a8b98f08e9