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Summary: 3079 Demo v2.18.9
Date: 24 Aug 12
Filename: 3079DemoInstaller-v2.18.9.jar
Size: 43.8MB (45,954,032 bytes)
Downloads: 10
Last Download: 1366 days ago
More info: http://sites.google.com/site/3079game/
Think of 3079 as an independent, original and unique combination of Minecraft and Fallout 3. 3079 runs on the Java platform. Windows, Mac OSX and Linux are all supported by a single installer. Solve the quests or challenge your friends in a multiplayer match.
MD5 Sum: ef6371b9505d8f411cb79be5678a6512
SHA1 Sum: affd4e911c9a39b3fa69628db65dbe3d27b838fc