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Summary: Stroggs Gone Mad Mod for Quake 2
Date: 11 Jul 12
Size: 1.8MB (1,890,376 bytes)
Downloads: 58
Last Download: 292 days ago
More info:
The Stroggs Gone Mad mod for Quake 2 enhances the fighting abilities of the Strogg enemies.

Stroggs Gone Mad 05/29/98


Title : Stroggs Gone Mad v1.2.03
Author : Roscoe A. Sincero
Email Address :
Description : This mod enhances the fighting abilities of the
Strogg enemies.
Web site/Home page : legion's Stroggs Gone Mad
News site : Inside3D (
TC Website : The chase AI
used in this mod is slated to be used in the
Star Wars TC for Quake II itself.
Archive content : gamex86.dll
sgm.txt (this file, you fool)
various *.pcx files for the scanner
and three sample route files for base1, base2,
and base3
Route files : this archive contains three sample route files.
If you want more, visit the SGM home page and
download the additional route files. Most of them
have been donated by fellow users like yourself.
Other files : If you want to see the weapons in COOP or in
single-player games using the chase cam, you must
download the visible weapons pak from Hentai's
visible weapons page, El Nino's Quake Extension
Additional Credits to : id Software for Quake2, especially Paul Steed of
id for giving out the stats for the enemies

Matt Barnett for leading target code for Iron Maiden
( used in
the monster enhancement mod. The actual code used
is a modified version of his. Thus, the soldiers
now aim better. NOTE: For a long time, the
actual code used in SGM is no longer recognizable
from the original. But the aiming function had its
beginnings using Barnett's code.

Yaya for the scanner tutorial that was posted at
Quake Developers Studio
The pcx files also came from the tutorial.

SaTaN for the chasecam tutorial that was posted
at Quake Developers Studio

LM Jormungard for the Star Wars Blaster tutorial
posted at Quake Developers Studio

John Rittenhouse for the concussion grenade
tutorial posted at Quake Developers Studio

William van der Sterren for Dijkstra's method. I've
abandoned Floyd's algorithm. Also the rest of
the SABIN team (e.g. Dark_Skye) for ideas although
currently none of them are implemented or even
started. Don't worry, I'll try to see if any
can be used for Strogg enemies.

Michael Smit for the original Navigator Algorithm

El Nino Quake Extensions
( for the
visible weapon's patch. You will need to visit that
site and download their pak file. It contains
the new models for the visible weapons. In addition,
I've also added Hentai's "hitloc" modification.

Misc : You will need Quake II v3.13 or v3.14. Been tested
with v3.13.

Known User Problems : a) User attempts to play this mod using older
versions of Quake II. End up with
"game is version 3, not 1" error or
"game is version 3, not 2" usually.

b) User fails to follow install instructions
detailed below. Thus, user ends up playing regular
Quake II instead of SGM.

c) User has a copy of a gamex86.dll in the main
quake2 directory instead of inside one of the
subdirectories like \baseq2\ or \strogg\ where it

Thus, user either plays an original Quake II or
plays some other stupid mod that provides errors
like where's the bot.cfg.

d) User's attempt to download file resulted in a
corrupted file. Used PKZipFix or similar utility
to fix file but resultant gamex86.dll is still
corrupted. The DOWNLOAD ATTEMPT corrupted the
zip file. The zip file itself at the download
site is NOT corrupted. User ends up with
"Error during initialization" error. (Note:
problems with hard-drive can also cause this
same error.)



Quake II (c) 1997 by id Software.
Stroggs Gone Mad (c) 1998 by Roscoe A. Sincero

You may distribute this package in its unmodified form free of charge.

The distributers, reviewers, testers, and developer of the Stroggs Gone Mad
as well as id Software accepts no liability for any damages whether real or
imaginary that might have been caused by the direct use or indirect use of
Stroggs Gone Mad. Like all of the other mods, use this mod at your own risk.


* Play Information *

Single Player : yes
Cooperative (2-4) : yes
Deathmatch (2-16) : No
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No
System Requirements : Quake II, duh!
Windows 95
P200+ recommended highly (formerly P166+)
*good* 3D card recommended highly
32 megabytes of RAM min, 48+ recommended min
(w/o visible weapons).

64 megabytes recommended min w/ visible weapons

Quake II using this mod is not really meant to
be played "in software". Get a 3D card.

Tested on a P200, no 3D card, 32 megabytes of RAM

* Construction *

Base : Quake2 DLL Source v3.14
Editor(s) used : Microsoft Visual C++ v4.0
Known Bugs : a) firing weapons when the chasecam is inside a
wall will cause game to crash.

b) hyper rocket launcher pushes limit of game
engine. Too many explosions, etc. will cause
overflows. The results of overflows can vary.
It is not uncommon to NOT see any of the rockets
firing and/or even the weapon model disappear when
firing too many rockets at the same time for an
extended period of time.

Another result is that screen stops being updated
by the game for several seconds but the game
continues on. When the screen fails to update, one
of the Stroggs can still be firing at you and you
would not know it.

Build Time : I don't know. Forgot.

* Install Instructions *

1) Make a dir under your quake2 directory (c:\quake2\strogg)
2) Unzip the gamex86.dll into the dir created in #1
(i.e. C:\quake2\strogg)
3) Make a directory in that game directory called "pics". In THAT
directory, make another directory called scanner.
Unzip the pcx files into this \pics\scanner directory.
(i.e. C:\quake2\strogg\pics\scanner)
4) Make a directory in that game directory called "routes". In THAT
directory, copy all the files with the extension of "*.dat" into that
5) Run Quake2 with the command line "quake2 +set game dir" where "dir" is the
directory where you copied the gamex86.dll
(i.e. quake2 +set game strogg)
6) start a new game
7) optional: bring down console, type "skill 3" followed by enter. Then type
"map base1" (or some other map name) to start a new game at skill 3.
skill 3 is the so-called "nightmare level".

Obviously, if you unzipped the files keeping the directory names, then the WinZip or PKZIP will place the files in the correct sub-directories for you. That is, you specify the drive to unzip the files and let WinZip or PKZIP create the sub-directories and place the files in the correct sub-directories for you. The only thinking you need to do is figure out what drive Quake II is on.

You can also set up a dedicated COOP server by typing this:
quake2 +set dedicated 1 +set game strogg +set coop 1 +skill 3 +map base1

* Other Info *

This is the post-point-release of the Monster Enhancement mod. I decided to
start over from scratch with the coding and gave it a new name.

* Summary of Commands *

The following commands are executed by typing them at the console.

scanner - toggles on/off (default is off) the scanner
save_nodes - save nodes that were created
load_nodes - load nodes that were previously created.
mapping - toggles on/off the mapping routine
unless a message in the game says otherwise, the mapping
routine is always on. *NOTE* if no node is created
after two minutes, then the mapping routine is turned
off automatically without telling you.
chasecam - toggles on/off the chasecam. The default is off.
legion-navigator - calculates all the paths. This turns off Dijkstra's
algorithm so the monsters won't be calculating paths
any more. To turn it back on, turn mapping on. Of
course, if mapping is already on, then you have to turn
it off then turn it back on. There will be a pause
when running this calculation. The more nodes there
are, the longer it will take. And, obviously, the slower
your machine, the longer it will take.
max_performance - turns on/off id's movement code and uses the new movement
code. Results in significant performance increase but
decrease reliability in Strogg's ability to move around.
The default is off--id's movement code is off.

* Making a route file *

This is optional. This means you do not have to make one.

Load a level in exactly the same way you load any level. If you have not performed this simple task before, then I suggest that you make an attempt to play a single-player or multiplayer game at least once before you download or play any mod.

Once you load a level, turn on no target (type "notarget" at the console). No target will prevent all monsters from targetting you until you fire at it. Walk around the level. After you visited every spot on the level that you think a monster can reach, save the nodes. Saving the node is accomplished by typing "save_nodes" at the console. See summary of commands above.
MD5 Sum: 906da0af0ba90c6f9972aff59e8285d8
SHA1 Sum: a54a0ece73c3fa8bce5addc4f856325fd5064d6d