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Summary: European Bus Simulator 2012 Patch v1.3.2 [UK]
Date: 28 Jun 12
Size: 678.3MB (711,275,585 bytes)
Downloads: 1158
Last Download: 295 days ago
More info:
This patch will update European Bus Simulator 2012 to version 1.3.2. The patch adds a two-cycle heating system and applies several fixes.

UPDATE 1.3.2
- Some settings (e.g. steering settings, acceleration and brake delay) were not saved, this was fixed.
- Missing bus stop announcements were added.
- An error where the name, year of birth and gender of the player was not saved has been fixed.
- Crash at the Maria-Graf-Ring was fixed.
- Missing umlauts for bus stop names in the driver display were corrected.
- Satisfaction display now does not go below 0 percent.
- It was possible to close the doors again with the manual door button when the door wing lock was activated and the door was open. This was fixed.
- The rear door light in the articulated bus could not be controlled. This was fixed.

New functions and additions:
- A two-cycle heating system was added.
MD5 Sum: 169b8eeab7e3937244e7fb125b1530fa
SHA1 Sum: 665da10b5a32b89e90d436fb15dce68b7890a58b