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Summary: The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings Enhanced Edition Patch v3.1 To v3.2
Date: 19 Jun 12
Filename: TW2EE_Patch3.2.exe
Size: 58.9MB (61,795,635 bytes)
Downloads: 61
Last Download: 1472 days ago
More info:
To patch your The Witcher 2 installation to Enhanced Edition manually, without using the Enhanced Edition downloader you will need to use this full patch.


This method of patching is not recommended for the Steam version of the game, as it would break the compatibility of the game with Steam. To patch the Steam version of the game use the Steam auto-patching system.

In order to use the patch:

Make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive. The patch consists of several installation files which depending on how many voiceovers you want to download it will weigh in total from around 11 gigabytes to around 15 gigabytes.
Make sure that your firewall and antivirus do not interfere with the download in any way.
When you've finished the download make sure that all the installation files are extracted into one folder. Then run the setup.exe file.

Download the English Language Pack here.

Components are:

5a2357e0bab797e2172066bf017b796c TW2EE_Patch-10.bin
754c9695def41ebde141ab7960320de1 TW2EE_Patch-11.bin
904a326a5f99bb4c824df69c6b39d4ec TW2EE_Patch-12.bin
cce83e4c9750a7cea4171a6a2c4ec921 TW2EE_Patch-13.bin
138e91794fd69ec6b31d5b2cc74391bf TW2EE_Patch-14.bin
e1a7ab864b74f9a86d3ffe52a35d8591 TW2EE_Patch-15.bin
642c1b015efd2947da98a1c5e5153c7e TW2EE_Patch-16.bin
212c17ea43dd5dfcd2836b098c463437 TW2EE_Patch-17.bin
b47179a804cc0197f7f53ecd4005daff TW2EE_Patch-18.bin
df1c82db4baf1d6cfc7feb1d9b92a802 TW2EE_Patch-19.bin
9784f4660b7e2caab4d03b81ad947107 TW2EE_Patch-1.bin
13d0769838834c5c05cc57c1d79d665c TW2EE_Patch-20.bin
6a5f6f0abd4753abfde68e93bc532f28 TW2EE_Patch-21.bin
ba8152a8e2e755352864a2863f01acb9 TW2EE_Patch-22.bin
9d5df7d93895f73d86136ad6d278320c TW2EE_Patch-23.bin
ad9b399beb6864651845c76b4300d628 TW2EE_Patch-24.bin
22152f5d72cd8cf86480712be2ab58e7 TW2EE_Patch-25.bin
771ad02dbafac028f61011ee7f4f4615 TW2EE_Patch-26.bin
ae8ddbcd3a525f88d4b05e559a89e02a TW2EE_Patch-27.bin
429ee88a657816cb360603b4cd8e47e9 TW2EE_Patch-28.bin
5c8823bb08ba2ad4a2a5b9599405afe3 TW2EE_Patch-29.bin
a33eb8d6eb84cebdc9a7de8fbe233afa TW2EE_Patch-2.bin
e4dc76cc4e6fa385d68fe2ffe89790a5 TW2EE_Patch-30.bin
b9a864deed90248bc7a10d0acd27c087 TW2EE_Patch-31.bin
a8b6fde97c5bbe2fac46347c78d65bd1 TW2EE_Patch-32.bin
a2ed56e44b21b951d3f22a424841140e TW2EE_Patch-33.bin
04176be2c949a2ce839257bdf48ce1e8 TW2EE_Patch-34.bin
c016218b8d449791f027404b65223472 TW2EE_Patch-35.bin
cb1c662cbc85faa36124e1271603eec7 TW2EE_Patch-3.bin
2d2b2203ea961dd463dccf734c5ae1e8 TW2EE_Patch-4.bin
3e0608c5de2205ab840b9c8ee36f4ca9 TW2EE_Patch-5.bin
6e7b728a6f3582973bfd48c780a3b0ce TW2EE_Patch-6.bin
13af60793c95e9dd130007e995829101 TW2EE_Patch-7.bin
1ccb2b139d63d35f405a78fcc1a8eb43 TW2EE_Patch-8.bin
e69d071468f7459c04ae6be87fc79b4f TW2EE_Patch-9.bin
6d0a8ad69650523ee01835a60251a599 TW2EE_Patch.exe
MD5 Sum: 2bf0f1a87683977dd98e6f689febd203
SHA1 Sum: b83febd1b57f0859dae56319245ee5da16448bc0