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Summary: Rygel's Optimised Texture Pack for Quake
Date: 12 Jun 12
Filename: rygels_texturepack_xolveoptimised_02062012.7z
Size: 1.3GB (1,398,098,245 bytes)
Downloads: 2023
Last Download: 3 days ago
More info: http://www.xpfree.org/epsilon
This is an optimised version of the Rygel texturepack for Quake.

I've decided to release this separately from the epsilon build in the hope that it may help others.
There are significant reasons to use this, please read below in it's entirety:

This optimised pack is the result of some testing and comparisons between the Rygel high and ultra packs.
It combines the two, using (mainly) the diffuse/gloss/luma/glow maps from the Ultra pack and (mostly) the norm/bump maps from the high pack,
plus some replaced textures. I tried using the smaller gloss/luma/glow textures from the high pack - but actually the larger ones do make a difference to the overall sharpness of the image.

Reasons for using the ultra textures at all:

1. While from a distance the high and ultra textures looks similar, when you are close to an object the difference is obvious.

2. The high pack's textures leave the overall screen impression with less visible sharpness than the ultra pack.

3. The high texture packs weapons look like arse compared to the ultra pack's weapons.

4. There is no fps difference between using the ultra and high textures (tested on my machine, normal/bump maps the exception).

Reasons for combining the high and ultra packs:

1. Both rygel's high pack and ultra pack miss textures - luckily, those textures exist in the other pack. eg. The missing textures in the ultra build can be found in the high pack and vice versa.

2. While the game graphics improve from using the ultra diffuse, gloss etc textures, they do not improve significantly from using the ultra norms and bump maps - in fact, it is very hard to tell the difference even at close quarters.

3. Some of the ultra norm/bump maps just don't work.

4. There is no fps difference between using the ultra and high textures (tested), but there is a 10fps difference (average) between using the ultra and high normal/bump maps.

Other improvements:

1. Slime textures re-edited - now are correct and green, to match lighting maps. Useful if not using dp pretty water.

2. PNG normal and bump maps instead of TGA - reduces size of maps hugely without losing alpha values.

3. New teleport textures - much better than old ones.

To sum up - reasons to use this pack:

1. Smaller size to download than ultra pack (1.47GB vs 2.47GB) and faster loading in-game.

2. Corrected missing textures in both packs and non-functional normals/bumps.

3. Better slime and teleport textures.

4. Better FPS (by 10fps on average) than ultra pack with same quality. Same FPS as High pack.

5. Better quality than high pack, mainly for close objects and guns, but also in overall sharpness.

6. Normal maps and texture maps in separate pk3's.

Enjoy, or don't.
MD5 Sum: c25adef6f130bc5ebb5133cbfbb4fe23
SHA1 Sum: 18cd08d43a6eba0828dfafbdc687b0641d9a9e8b