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Summary: Firearms: Source v1.0e Mod for Half-Life 2
Date: 06 Sep 10
Filename: fas_client_10e_full.exe
Size: 836.7MB (877,378,383 bytes)
Downloads: 930
Last Download: 1964 days ago
More info:
Increased Weapon Accuracy
An increase in the base weapon accuracy across all weapons allows for more distant engagements. The problem before this was that most engagements were happening face to face due to the general inaccuracy of the weapons. If you fired at someone at a distance, most of your shots would miss, and those that did connect were limb shots more often than not. Increasing accuracy allows you to properly aim and take down targets with precision, and a greater influence from fire modes gives players a better reason to swap at different ranges.

Decreased Armor Absorption Levels
With the decrease in armor absorption, players are generally taken down much faster under fire but their armor lasts much longer overall. The problem before was that with full heavy, we saw quite a bit of tanking, and players simply weren't being taken down quick enough. Fire fights would often last multiple magazines. We have since dropped the absorption by half of its previous value, with more decisive and exciting firefights as a result.

New Server Options
1.0e is our last planned patch before the big 1.1 release, so we want to make sure the server admins have the tools they need to run a successful server. These new server options allow server owners to limit weapons where they see fit, restricting weapons for scrimmaging or competitive games. While we encourage all play styles in FAS, we understand that others may want to tailor the experience.

Over 60 Resolved bugs
We are fixing bugs daily, and trying to remove all critical bugs so that we can allow our player base to grow. Unfortunately, there was some oversight to how extreme a number bugs were, particularly in the case of the ragdoll issue in which that causes mass amounts of ragdolls to spawn in the level upon server join. In its worst form, this all but prevented players with lower end specifications from joining servers in progress. In 1.0e you will notice a much more stable game, both as the client and server.
MD5 Sum: 3bd4cae078d8f23ee58a8b2c43ff9764
SHA1 Sum: eb674411eadf22d8e883a9d356085e7f0c843832
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