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Summary: Animatrix Movie Trailer (High-Res)
Date: 21 Mar 03
Filename: ani_tr_4_720_dl.mov
Size: 102MB (106,994,959 bytes)
Downloads: 2545
Last Download: 2152 days ago
More info: http://whatisthematrix.warnerbros.com
The First Full-time trailer to the Animatrix. Last trailer was the preview screening but now it brings heaps more excellent footage. This is the highest resolution with more lower quality ones from the official site.
Any to newbie anime & Matrix fans, this is a must!
MD5 Sum: 9a67161e231b16d84bb994e61738bd82
SHA1 Sum: c8270f275314ff15b2235e61e34d101d5f162c0b