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Summary: RGN Vietnam Mod Patch v1.1 for Call of Duty: World at War
Date: 17 May 10
Filename: RGN_VietnamMod_ClientFiles_1.1.zip
Size: 35.2MB (36,940,651 bytes)
Downloads: 49
Last Download: 656 days ago
More info: http://www.moddb.com/mods/vietnama-mod
Patch v1.1 for the RGN Vietnam Mod for Call of Duty World at War.

After a few months of patching/testing/addition thanks to YOUR feedback and to great modders in the community RGN is pleased to release RGN Vietnam Mod Patch 1.1!

Changelog from 1.0

[F] : Fixes
[A] : Additions

[F] Fix 128 Bones error (not fully tested)
[F] Fix a bug in S&D when changing Class during First Round
[F] Fix a bug in CTF where icons would follow players
[F] Fix a bug when player bled to death (no more gibbing)
[F] Fix a bug with M79 Thumper Firing mode change (goes in Slot 3 as it should now)
[F] Fix Booby Trap safe for Team mate now with set "2"
[F] Fix a display issue on Control Multiplayer Menu
[F] Fix CFG files for typo / default setup (rotation.cfg, weapon_control.cfg, ambient_control.cfg)
[F] Fix Claymore Weapons Pool sounds (could be heard all over the map)
[F] Fix a problem with drop grenades where "throw back" was showing
[F] Fix Center Obituaries/Low Ammo/Ammo counter Dvars
[F] Fix Claymore detonating when Axis plants
[F] Increased Recoil on PPSh-41
[F] Ranks are now US Army instead of Marines (Icons Text)
[F] Fixed non-visible Squad Invite on HUD
[F] Fix lapse in spawn protection

[A] Added 2 dvars to show/hide 2D/3D icons - also hides Flag carrier in CTF (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to switch on/off Red Crosshairs on enemies (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to Show/Hide Bomb carrier in SAB (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Weapon Damage Modifier for all weapons/items/hardpoints (see updated weapon_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to show/hide Server Info screen
[A] Added Key bind for Binoculars
[A] Added Dvars for Jump height, Fall damage
[A] Added Dvar for crouch enforce (anti stand/run) (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to Show/Hide Talking icon on VOIP (see updated player_control.cfg)
[A] Added Dvar to show/hide compass on HC (see updated vietnam.cfg)
[A] Added M72 & Chicom Type-69 (Rpgs) as items (see updated weapon_control.cfg), see below in game:
MD5 Sum: 8af1679964da42257382ae936c187ecf
SHA1 Sum: ddf3808e01cb74860a7611d4468b8f3f835021f4