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Summary: Din's Curse Patch v1.001 Beta for Mac OS X
Date: 07 May 10
Filename: DCMacBeta1001.zip
Size: 5.8MB (6,060,034 bytes)
Downloads: 9
Last Download: 3495 days ago
More info: http://www.soldak.com/Dins-Curse/

updated some credits
now have to have more of an attribute than the curse on an item to equip it (iligiann)
fixed mana regen from an item doesn't change mana regen stat (TheRani/Kruztee)
added Please Start a Server to No Servers Found message
can now pause in a multiplayer game if only person in the game (graffen69)
fixed masteries not working with shockbolt & flaming arrow (Magitek)
no longer get experience for destroying cave-ins
gas leaks no longer get destroyed from frost novas (Valgor)
fixed PerceptionTrapText (Valgor)
rearranged character damage numbers slightly (Valgor)
fixed if you like 'em blunt typo (Valgor)
fixed has been built to serve missing word (Aet)
fixed suspicious typo (Valgor)
fixed wars modifier description (Annalisa)
rewrote shatter description a bit to make when different damages happen more clear (elsol69)
fixed Demon5bUnique (Kruztee)
bags, food, drinks, and potions now display a different color (graffen69)
fixed chests going over max level (sammage)
fixed blank kidnap quest (Caal)
fixed a town attack saving issue
fixed hunters going missing sometimes (Caal/Kruztee)
fixed scouts & assassins going missing sometimes
added din status to player title on character menu (Valgor)
fixed some issues with rain (Annalisa)
fixed an issue where lighting would cause crazy colors sometimes (Annalisa/Cadfan)
cave-ins can no longer be eaten by scavengers :) (Valgor)
fixed alpha issue on naga priest headpiece (Valgor)
changed conjuror anims on character creation screen to be more representative (Valgor)
fixed choose specialty screen on non-widescreen resolutions (Valgor)
aligned scrollbar on solve quest menu better (Valgor)
fixed showing duplicates in screen frequency drop down box (Valgor)
added some more text to berserk skill since it's damage relative to a normal attack is confusing (Martin)
fixed She ain't for sale typo (udm)
fixed cave-ins going into respawn pool (sammage)
canRespawn is now saved/loaded in actor
now quest monsters that can walk through walls wander around so they never get stuck in an area the player can't get to (TheRani/incognoscente)
renegades can no longer be accidently created based off of monsters (Valgor)
fixed cleave at skill level 3 not showing damage (fishejim)
fixed whirlwind at skill level 4 not showing damage
stealth and escape notice no longer work on hidden enemies
now changing from main stats to other stats doesn't have a pause blip (Valgor)
plague now spreads even if above your level (udm)
now can mark quests to keep spawning new events even after completing but before solved
now show player level on main screen next to player name (henryke)
doors trap also locks nearby doors now
changed stunning blow from +2% to +base*1.1 each level to be more consistent (Cadfan)
fixed fog sometimes transparent instead of additive
now save actor hasDiedBefore
no longer print death messages for npcs if they die more than once (udm)
no longer get double xp when you have escorts
now final Din quest reward chests always have at least one artifact or better item (udm)
petrified npcs can no longer try to solve quests (TheRani)
now worlds lower than level 7 have less initial quests
now worlds higher than level 20 have more initial quests
overrides mod stuff now works with lists of things like StartingItem (The_Dajaw)
added a way to mod the UI without over writing an entire UI file (mergeWith command)
can now add loose trn files so that mods can add or override text without over writing an entire trn file (The_Dajaw)
MD5 Sum: f2e41bd8063f1fc26b664db54e76e573
SHA1 Sum: ae1f434b0d7aa3117b2a4dccc542c3bbe3f41fb0
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