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Summary: Kingpin Monkey Mod v1.60 Server for Windows
Date: 26 Jan 10
Filename: monkeymod160-win32.zip
Size: 286kB (292,826 bytes)
Downloads: 107
Last Download: 28 days ago
More info: http://poisonville.net/mm/
TiCaL has released updated Monkey Mod Server files for both Windows and Linux:-
Version 1.60 of Monkey Mod is out that supports GOG and Steam versions of Kingpin and it includes some changes Fredz made.
List of changes.
1. added kingpin.exe from Steam and GOG (Good Old Games) to the whitelist of allowed kingpin.exe flies
2. added new cvar (no_props)
- no_props stops the stock model props from appearing in maps
- no_props is 0 (off) by default, set it to 1 (on) for it to take effect
3. no_spec can be set from server.cfg
4. fixed check of banned ip addresses (FREDZ)
5. added locks to other motion settings and gun recoil (FREDZ)
6. fixed a bug in texture checks (FREDZ)
7.changed weapon priority so that Bazooka is higher priority selection than Flamethrower when there is no ammo (FREDZ)
8. changed every instance of \"poisonville.net/mm\" to \"kingpinforever.com/mm\"
MD5 Sum: 708e9837442a1bb8dc5e2525abfef56f
SHA1 Sum: 5b489e1ae357d8884ff5071dd417750002eb84df