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Summary: PRISM: Guard Shield v3
Date: 02 Sep 09
Filename: FullPrismV3.exe
Size: 1.5GB (1,575,634,922 bytes)
Downloads: 428
Last Download: 5 days ago
More info: http://www.prismthegame.com/game.htm
The Army National Guard and Rival Interactive are creating a first person 3D shooter called PRISM: Guard Shield that contains a unique blend of stealth operations and fast action game play. The game focuses on the unconventional application of new and emerging weapons and surveillance technologies in the war against terrorism. PRISM takes place in the near future with the player becoming the newest member of a highly secretive homeland defense unit known as PRISM. PRISM: Guard Shield focuses on familiar locations in the US such as Washington, D.C. and San Francisco, CA. When terrorist activities are suspected or potential targets are identified, players are called into action.

PRISM: Guard Shield is being developed simultaneously with a game for the commercial market called PRISM: Threat Level Red. Players will be immersed in a unique gaming experience that draws players into a world that blurs the lines between commercial entertainment and Americas secret struggle against terrorism using tomorrows technology and weapons.
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