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Summary: Fallout 3 Patch v1.7 [UK]
Date: 03 Aug 09
Filename: Fallout3_1.7_English_UK.zip
Size: 50.9MB (53,419,573 bytes)
Downloads: 1070
Last Download: 680 days ago
More info: http://fallout.bethsoft.com
Bethesda released this version 1.7 manual Fallout 3 update to prepare for the release of the Mothership Zeta DLC. This update is PC only. Xbox 360 users will continue to use the 1.5 update.

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New Features

* New achievements for Mothership Zeta.
MD5 Sum: b14c3ca1c0bdb692a91fd2bde610817f
SHA1 Sum: 122d1dfcd0d7344a97cdc2e28b10d40d83bccf85
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