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Summary: Splinter Cell Demo
Date: 19 Dec 02
Filename: splintercelldemo.exe
Size: 100.8MB (105,746,694 bytes)
Downloads: 60556
Last Download: 16 days ago
Readme for "Splinter Cell" PC (c) Ubi Soft 2002

Minimum Configuration:
800 MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon
256 MBytes RAM
DirectX 8.1
32 MBytes video card ***
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card
8x speed CD/DVD-ROM drive
1,5 GIG Hard Drive Space

Recommended Configuration:
1000 MHz Pentium III or AMD Athlon or better
256 MBytes RAM or better
DirectX 8.1
64 MBytes video card ***
DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card with surround system
8x speed CD/DVD-ROM drive or better
2,1 GIG Hard Drive Space

***Splinter Cell supports the following graphic cards:
- Nvidia GeForce2 Ti/Ultra/Pro/GTS/MX400/MX
- Nvidia GeForce3 familly
- Nvidia GeForce4 familly
- Matrox Parhelia
- ATI Radeon 8500/9000/9500/9700

Supported OS: Win 98/2000/ME/XP

These configurations will remain the same for the final game.


- DirectX 8.1 must be installed on your PC.

- We recommend to close all applications when playing the game.

- You must play the game in full screen mode.

- We do recommend to use the latest graphic card drivers:
- For the NVidia GeForce2-3-4 owners (see above for supported cards), we recommend the 30.82 (default) or 41.09 (performance = application) drivers.
- For the ATI Radeon, recommend the Catalyst 2.5 (6218 for 2000/XP) or better.
- For the Matrox Parhelia owners, we recommend the drivers.

- Please note that the thermal vision, on GeForce 2 cards, is not in its final state. We were still working on this feature at the time of the demo.

- Please note that on supported 32MB video cards, we recommend to play with minimal specs (minimal resolution 640x480; minimal shadow resolution and minimal shadow details) to avoid any crashes.

- The demo map represents approximately 2% of the whole game.

- For more information visit our web site at http:\\www.splintercell.com

Default Keyboard Controls for an american QWERTY keyboard:
W - Move Forward
S - Move Backward
A - Strafe left
D - Strafe right
C - Crouch
Q - Back to wall
X - Reset camera
Z - Change rate of fire
R - Reload
2 - Night Vision
3 - Thermal Vision
Left Mouse - Fire
Right Mouse - Alternate Fire
Middle Mouse - Use/Equip
Left Shift - Jump
Left Ctrl - Quick Inventory
Spacebar - Interaction
Esc - PALM OPSAT menu
Mouse Wheel up - Zoom in/Accelerate
Mouse Wheel down - Zoom out/Decelerate
Pause Break - Pause the game
F5 - Quick save
F8 - Quick load


Disposable Pick:

1. Select the Disposable Pick from your Quick Inventory.
2. Press Fire to start using it.


1. Select the Pistol from your Quick Inventory.
2. Equip the Pistol (Press the Equip key).
3. Fire (Press the Fire key).

Medical Kit:

1. Select the Medical Kit from your Quick Inventory.

Optic Cable:

1. Select the Optic Cable from your Quick Inventory.
2. Press and Fire to start using it.
3. Move the Mouse to change your view with the Optic Cable
MD5 Sum: 83aa37937b2ad4b1a11db4aec7aa92ed
SHA1 Sum: 5e838e68d0abd53022d200c4d0b2395eff0411ac