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Summary: Divine Tears Online Client
Date: 09 Sep 08
Filename: Divine_Tears_Client.exe
Size: 743.1MB (779,152,061 bytes)
Downloads: 196
Last Download: 2979 days ago
More info: http://www.divinetearsonline.com/
"'The Divine Tears is the strongest source of power ever known to the world. A fist-size red jewel in the shape of a heart, it is the treasure the greatest treasure ever known to the world and is said to possess mystical powers of the entire universe."

-- Schmendrick the Historian, 200 B.C

  • 2.5D Environment - Enjoy the game in a bright and vibrant setting while not totally missing out on the element of 3D. Best of all, you don't need a very high-end PC to play Divine Tears Online!
  • 3 different unqiue factions - Choose between the Elves, Dragon Race or The Biotechs, each with a unique storyline and reason for obtaining the Divine Tears.
  • Crossover of Ancient Mythical Times with Modern Day Scenarios - Swing a halberd while riding a motorbike and watch those heads fly or shoot a lazer gun while riding a horse and melt faces!
  • Wide erray of weapons and equipments that unlock different abilities -Sick of that using the same old Sword? Pick up a new one or have one made for you.
  • Unique item upgrading system and awakening system - Apart from the unique way of "leveling" your weapon, you can also awaken it to unleash it's hidden powers when the time is ripe!
  • Faction skills which are only available to players belonging to that particular faction - Use special skills or cast special spells that are only available to your particular race! Unleash your race's power to the enemy!
  • Faction Wars available at different times of the day - See how well your character stands up against others. Teamwork, wits and skill are required in order to survive the harsh battle for power!
  • Various different types of ridable mounts and vechicals - Get from place to place with different types of creatures and machinary!
  • In-game automated robot - Train your character's skills and professions while you are away from the computer, legally!
MD5 Sum: 72cd367bcc02c0c5a7ef988cb3ec9af9
SHA1 Sum: af73a1b61c460c0f48e7744c2e3e883d5655fd9f
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