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Summary: Rareware Xbox Movie
Date: 04 Nov 02
Size: 16.5MB (17,299,766 bytes)
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The high profile Game developers Rare, that brought you such titles as Goldeneye (N64), Perfect Dark(N64) and Donkey Kong (numerous systems) are now part of the gargantuan microsoft Game Studios :( after many years as a second party developer for Nintendo. Now as part of microsoft they will develop games exclusively for their machine, the xbox. This 16mb file showcases Rare's ambitions for their patnership with microsoft. Old Nintendo characters such as the Kong Family, Conker (from CBFD) may even return on its new console.
MD5 Sum: cda6461f9c39fbe8241a76eb690a8730
SHA1 Sum: dc349dbfb0aa9e49250833eda73dcc92a2e5c814